Thursday, June 14, 2018

Girl's Trips

 Last weekend a few of my friends and I got a hotel in downtown Dallas and had a ladies' weekend and explored downtown. It was a lot of fun and relaxing, my favorite part was the big window we had in our room that showed the whole city.

Then today I was lucky to have some friends who were willing the go to the art museum with me (not too many people get excited about art) and it was also nice to go with no kids.

Summer Begins!

Thomas last day of first grade! He did awesome, he had straight A's and is reading 4-5 grade reading level.

We have started the summer fun with splash pad, swimming, water parks, and the zoo. The kids loved going to the zoo with grandma Lisa.

Trying Out Curlers

I have been looking forward to the day I could do curlers in Elizabeth's hair, so about a month ago we tried them out. Elizabeth loved it and couldn't stop looking in the mirror. I think her hair was still a little too short but we might try it again in a month.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Snap Shots of April and some of May

Back in April our ward had a temple day with the primary. It was nice to feel the spirit there with my children.

We always like to celebrate Star Wars day on May 4th.

The only picture I got for Elizabeth turning one. This girl is full of personality and is walking all over.
Peter making sure she was safe since she was still learning to walk when I took this picture.
Washing our new car for FHE. It's nice to have a car that we can rely on, our old one was reaching 300k miles on it,

Naked babies playing in the backyard. And yes, our yard needed to be mowed, ha ha Dustin got around to it the next day.

Love these kiddos.
Oliver is interested in anything in culinary arts, so we are always making treats. He was very excited to make a mother's day cake for Dustin's grandmother.
We took this picture for Mother's Day. I'm so grateful to be their mother.
Thomas school had a color run, it was a lot of fun to be there for that.

 I came home last night and saw these two cuties.
 Amazing hair.

And, Oliver is registered for Kindergarten!! And it was super bright that day, if you couldn't tell.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Elizabeth's First Birthday

On April 7th, our sweet Elizabeth turned 1! That year went fast! It was a crazy, busy day so we didn't do much. We opened presents in the morning and the girl was super excited about the clothes grandma Lisa got her, what can I say the girl loves her clothes, shoes, and bows. 

It was fun to finally do a girly cake after 7 years of boy cakes. We have loved having Elizabeth in our life, she brings happiness in our family and we are enjoying watching this little girl grow up.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


Dustin had Spring Break from his Master's a few weeks ago so we took advantage of having no homework and took the kids to the circus. Thomas got some free tickets from the school or we probably wouldn't have gone, but the kids were very excited especially after watching The Greatest Showman. Elizabeth did really good and was into for most of the show, Peter liked it but fell asleep right before the elephants arrive. Ever since the circus Oliver was to work at the circus and has been practicing all of his tricks.

Also the week before that Thomas was an elephant for the First grade play.