Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dallas Zoo

It's been pretty cold here in Texas, but a few weeks ago there was a warm day so I took the kids to the Dallas zoo. It was nice to get out of the house. The kids loved it!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Snap shots

My friend and I started trading with babysitting, I take her kid for a few hours while she has a break than she takes my kids the following week so I can take a break, the kids love it! They think Greyson is pretty cool.

Crawling through tunnels!
The kids played "The Great British Baking Show". It was a lot of fun to watch and play along with them.

Oliver is pretty obsessed with spiderman and Dustin's mom found these awesome jammies, this kidwouldn't take them off forever. 

Peter loves his cereal, and even after a year this dog is still his favorite.

Elizabeth always looking for hidden treasure under Peter's booster seat. Gross! ha ha

Elizabeth @ 10 Months

Miss Elizabeth is 10 months!
She is cruising all over the place and loves to explore.
She still loves playing peek-a-boo and can say mom, dad, bye, and I think boo.
She loves to eat, especially bananas and frozen peas.
Her hair is getting longer and starting to cover her ears! I can't wait to see it long. It's been long enough to put a pony tail on top of her head, which I haven't done, but I can't wait till it's long enough to do pigtails! 
She is our chunkiest baby so far and I just love it!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Oliver Turns 5!

Oliver has been talking about his birthday for months! It's a big deal to him. Right now he's into spider-man so he had a spider-man cake and he dressed like spider-man when Dustin's parents took him to Mcdonald's that day.
Oliver is really into cooking and always wants to make something, so when Dustin's mom asked what he wanted for his birthday I told her cooking toys, and they were a big hit with all of my boys, we even played The Great British Baking show (Oliver likes that show even though he denies it) and it was a lot of fun.
Oliver is come along far this year, three was hard-very hard, but this past year he's been awesome and such a good helper, and is very independent is very ready for kindergarten. It's been fun to see is personality grow so much this year.

Peter Turns 3!

Petey-Pete turned three this past week! We love our Peter, he is a goof ball and is super sweet. He loves playing with his brothers, he loves Elizabeth but I think he really looks up to his brothers and wants to be as cool as them. He loves chicken nuggets and ketchup, it's hard to get him to eat anything else. He loves to draw, lego batman, and play on the trampoline. It's weird to think he will be the oldest at home next year when Oliver is in school.

Elizabeth at Nine Months!

Elizabeth at Nine Months!
I can't believe she is already nine months (well, actually almost 10 since I'm behind) it happened so fast. She getting her two top teeth now, and is sleeping a little better at night. She is 20 pounds and is catching up quick to her brothers. Peter is only 6 pounds more than her! She is super sweet and a girly girl, she gravitates to anything pink, and she likes when I put clothes on her (for the most part) especially when it comes to tights and bows, but she will also take a bow off here and there. She loves out side and playing peek a boo, we just love her.

January Snapshots

A few snapshots this past month, and yes, most of them are of Elizabeth. It's because I swear everyday she is changing I feel like I have to document it more. 
I feel like this past year I have been pretty bad at taking pictures of my kids. It's very frustrating to me that I can't do everything I want to do ha ha. I have been focusing more on my art, which I have loved but other things are put on the back burner, like this blog, arghhh! I wish I could do it all, you know? Anyway, here's to hoping to find more time to do it all!

Christmas Card 2017

A very, very late Christmas Newsletter!

We are a little late here, I'm usually one who is on top of things like this but this year was a little crazy to say the least.

This year has been an expensive year for us, it started on January 1st when a crazy wind storm took down our fence, siding, and roof. Then later in the year our computer died, along with our car door, our AC unit and our washing machine. So hopefully all will be well this next year with our brand new items.

There were also some awesome times this year for the Clark's; we welcomed our first girl in the family! Elizabeth Clair was born on April 7, Jessica appreciates having another female in the house. Elizabeth is perfect for our little family and all of her brothers adore her. We call her our "squishy" since she has the perfect baby rolls that are hard to resist.

Another exciting thing that has happened this year, Dustin started his master's degree on Creative Writing and has been doing well. The teacher's have loved all of his stories thus far. He's excited to learn more about story telling to help him with his illustration career. Even though he has to work and has a lot of homework he still finds time to spend time with his family.

Jessica has been pretty busy this year with adding another kid to the family while she continues her two side businesses, even though she is fine just being a stay-at-home mom. She has had photo shoots every month and has done all kinds of artwork for clients from fabric textile to some fine art pieces.
Thomas started first grade this year and is a great reader. He loves to learn and is really into American history, especially the American presidents and he wants to be one some day. He also loves to draw and usually is animating little movies, that's something else he wants to do, make movies of his favorite stories.

Oliver is the big brother while Thomas is at school and he takes that job very seriously. He loves his baby sister and he's her protector. He too loves to draw and animate movies, and he wants to be everything when he grows up. He loves baking with Jessica and he wants to do every step, we are hoping this means in the future he will do all the cooking. And he can't wait to start kindergarten this year.

Peter is the cutest boy there is and he knows it, the girls at all ages just flock to him. He loves to draw as well. He is really into super heroes, especially batman that for a while there he always had a batman cape everywhere he went. He loves jumping on the trampoline and following his two older brothers.

This year has had it's ups and downs but we have been greatly blessed.
And we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The Clark's

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Christmas 2017

Christmas was wonderful as always. This year we just stayed here and it was nice to take it back easy since Dustin and I have been very busy the past few months.
Christmas Eve we went to church then had Christmas dinner with Dustin's friend and his sister. We decorated sugar cookies for Santa, and did the Nativity. We opened Christmas jammies along with super hero dolls my friend made, the boy loved them and slept with them that night.
Christmas morning was awesome and Dustin did sooo good this year. He did the twelve days of Christmas for me and on Christmas day he got me 12 oil painting supplies, I've been wanting to oil paint for a long time now and it has been about 8 years, it's been so fun painting traditionally again. Then we headed to Dustin's grandparents' house for breakfast. It was a fun day.
Also later that week it snowed just a little bit, the boys were pretty excited for a few seconds, they remember what real snow storm looks like so they weren't too impressed.