Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Peter @ 10 Months

It's crazy to think that Peter is 10 months! I didn't really get an official ten month picture so this will have to do.

Peter at 10 Months:

This kid is cruising around and has stood on his own a few times
He's first word is mom, at least it's the only one that we recognize at this time
He communicates by pointing
He loves being outside
He loves food especially now that we are feeding him what we are eating
He loves to wrestle and cuddle
He loves playing with balls
He loves being part of the party
He loves to get into everything and anything

Monday, November 23, 2015

Harry Potter Party

Last weekend we had a Harry Potter party.
I've been wanting to do a party FOREVER! Like I have had chocolate frog molds, Harry Potter items, a secret pinterest board for a long time. Why I haven't done it before? Because, one, we have never had the space and, two, I've been wanting to do it on Harry's birthday, July 31st, but every year something is going on that day. And plus, I knew it was very nerdy and I didn't know who would want to come.
But my brother just had a themed Harry Potter birthday with all of my family in Utah and I was so sad to miss it (it looked so fun Brianna)! And Dustin and I talking about throwing a little get together to get to know some of our new ward members that Dustin just told me to do it, so we did! And my in-laws were so nice to help and let us do it at their house. 

So we made official Harry Potter invites with a balloon owl and invited our guests.
Then we ordered some cool Harry Potter items, one including the sorting hat, I loved this thing, I was very excited to get it.
Then I made the boys' costumes, I thought they looked adorable. Both kids wanted to be Harry, since Dustin and I were the bad guys we were hoping the kids would want to be evil characters as well, but they were determined, well, Oliver wanted to be Batman for a while, I had to convince him that Batman didn't belong in Harry Potter.
We didn't get a chance to take every ones pictures, but we had some pretty awesome costumes!
So after everyone came, we sorted families in houses, Dustin did a great job doing that. Then we played quidditch, had a trivia game- and one of the kids knew almost every answer, and I came up with some HARD questions. Then we had soup, rolls, poly juice potion, butter beer, and butter beer ice cream. 

Yes, it was very nerdy, but very fun. 
To give you an idea what the party was like and you want a good laugh see this video. Ok, it wasn't that nerdy.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Snap Shots and Update

The last little bit I have been watching America's Test Kitchen on Netflix. My kids complain when I turn it on, but I know they actually like it; especially Oliver. I looked over one day and I saw Oliver all cuddly with the blanket watching it and I thought it was cute. He also loves to help me cook, so who knows, maybe he will be our little chef.
Thomas wearing the sorting hat while drawing; we are getting excited about our Harry Potter party this coming week!
Some sidewalk chalk.
And a little update on our Peter. Last week I went to his nine month check up and they said he was "failure to thrive". My kids are always low on the charts when it comes to weight and I have always been afraid that they would say my kids were not thriving but with my other two they figured they were small, and never said anything so I figured that would be the same with Peter. But since Peter was born so much bigger (about 2lbs more than the other two) the doctors see that, and they see a huge drop on the chart and they get nervous. In their defense he hadn't gained that much since his 6 month but he also has become very mobile since then, and has started cruising the last two weeks. I tried to convince my Dr that I thought he was fine, but she wanted to be rather safe than sorry and had me set up an apt with a specialist and a dietician. For some reason, that was hard for me, I felt like I failed as mother and that I wasn't taking care of Peter and I just wanted to cry. I also have a love/hate relationship with Doctors, I think they are great when you need them, but I hate going to see them and I hate when they get involved in my life, and this is probably because of some experiences I have had in the past.
So my apt with the specialist was a week later and I was able to get Peter to gain 6oz in one week, I did give him some whipping cream and many other things to pack on the weight. I was hoping with that gain I could convince them I was on the right track and that would be it, but after two hours of talking, and asking me every detail since he was born, and making a diet plan we were almost off when they needed a eurine sample and he never went since they put on that little bag to catch it, so I had to wait another hour. And we will be seeing that Dr monthly until they are satisfied. They were really good Drs and I really liked them but about time we were done I was emotionally exhausted and cried all the way home. I don't  know why this whole thing got to me, but it did. And now I have been feeding this kid non stop, I feel like it's a full time job trying to pack the calories in. They want me to add oils and butter to his diet, along with formula feedings with extra powder, but so far this kid hasn't liked me adding the "fatty" things, so that's been fun, but now he's liking the formula. I know it's not a big deal, but it's just another thing on my mind and I guess it's just been an emotional and physically tiring year.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Thomas turns FIVE!

Our Thomas turned five today!
It's crazy how fast it's going. Thomas was so excited about his birthday that he was counting down the days and telling everyone that his birthday is coming up.
Usually for birthdays Dustin does a caricature for the boys but this year he did an animated movie for Thomas since Thomas has been interested in making movies. And I try to set it up the kitchen fun for them to wake up to, and we usually let them open presents first thing in the morning, because honestly, I can't wait; but this year Thomas wanted to wait till his cousins came, but around 10 o'clock he asked if he could open one, and he picked the smallest one (I think he was saving the big ones last). Then later that day we had friends and family come over and we had pizza and cake. 
We are so lucky to have Thomas in our lives.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Another year of Halloween! 
This year we decided to go as teenage mutant ninja turtles and I was April O'Neil. It's always fun to do a theme as a family but I have a feeling this might be our last year because soon my kids will want all different costumes, but I told Dustin at least we will do couple themes.
So I usually like to take pictures of my kids in their costumes before Halloween to just get it out of the way, well this year, I was too lazy and I just figured to do them the same day so they didn't turned out exactly how I want them, but that is life with three crazy boys. But Peter was actually great at taking pictures that day,
On Friday we went to the public library for their Halloween festival, it was a lot of fun and CRAZY! There was so much going on, it was nice having my mother in law there helping out with the kids. They had a lot of fun themed rooms and one of them was TMNT so the boys thought that was great. And they also took home big pumpkin balloons, they played with those for hours, it was great.
Then Saturday we had a ward Halloween carnival and a chili cook off.
After that we hung out with my in laws and had a Halloween dinner, then we asked if those boys wanted to do trick or treating but after four houses they were done, I think between the two carnivals they had their fair share of trick or treating. So we went home pretty quickly after that, because I was stressing about getting the trick or treaters at our house (I had a lot of candy at home that I wanted to get rid of) and I think the boys had more fun passing out candy than trick or treating, they loved looking at every ones costumes. Thomas was really sweet and was really excited about getting gum when he went trick or treating that he wanted to give some to our trick or treaters, he's always a sweet boy.
Anyway we had a blast, and we are looking forward to Thomas' birthday this week! I'm going to have a 5 year old!