Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another little update...

So a little catch up...
This last week, as I mentioned before, had Dustin's sister and husband come and visit us. It was so much fun having them here, we miss them already. I wasn't good at taking pictures when they were here, but we did have fun, and that's what is important.
So here's a little update on all of us...
Dustin: Is still loving his job, in most cases, :). He's getting faster, which is good, because more commission for him. He is the 2nd counselor in the Elder's quorum. He's constantly drawing, so that hasn't change. I thought I loved art until I met this man... And his birthday is coming up, well like in 1 month, but I've already started planning stuff for it!
Thomas: Is always on the move! He is loving the freedom of being able to move. He's still doing the army crawl thing, but he's more interested in walking now that learning how to actually crawl. He loves holding our hands and walking around. He loves kicking the soccer ball around, I really think he will like soccer when he's older. He loves to talk, and he likes to smack his lips so they make a smacking noise. He loves bananas, bread, and cheese quesadillas. And his first birthday is coming up in 2 1/2 months and I'm already making plans!

As for me, I'm liking that it's not the busy season here in Orlando anymore, for many reasons: 1) because now Sea World is less crowded and closes earlier so Dustin doesn't have late shifts anymore, 2) cooler weather should be on it's way, hopefully... (when I say cooler weather more like nice, warm weather instead of hot)! and what I'm most excited about is... HARRY POTTER WORLD.... I know I'm a nerd... but that's what I have been most excited about when I found out we were moving here, but we haven't gone yet because we wanted to go on the off season so we didn't have to wait in huge lines and everything, we don't know exactly when, sometime in September or early October. I have been even more excited ever since I passed the Hogwarts castle on the way to the Thomas' doctors apt. I mean how cool is that?  I know probably not that cool, but for me it was! So getting all pumped up last week I started rereading the books again since it's been a while, and I remember why I love the books so much! So basically house work and everything else is on a hold for a bit. So that's pretty much what's been going on with me, and that I'm now teaching sunbeams in our primary and it's been a fun, challenging calling.
That's what I saw!

Here are some other recent stuff/stats:

  • I've seen nine cockroaches since we have been here, not fun.
  • Dustin & I rode a roller-coaster for the first time together ever, we got pregnant right away after we got married so I couldn't ride on any and ever since than we have had to have one watch Thomas while the other person goes and take turns.
  • We went on a date without Thomas for the first since we have moved to Orlando, it was a little traumatic for Thomas since we never leave him.
  • We have had two hurricane warnings but none have hit us so far, thank goodness.
  • Thomas & I have been stuck in the rain many times this last month
  • Thomas & I probably have seen the Dolphin and Whale show at SeaWorld more than anyone else (I have that thing almost memorized)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Family Pictures

This last week Emily, Dustin's sister, took some family pictures for us. We didn't get as many as we hoped because the sun came up way too fast so we had the sun heating us up so it was hard to not be sweating and squinting our eyes. Also during the pictures we got attacked by red fire ants, OUCH! Those things hurt when they bite, luckily they didn't get Thomas, but the rest of us sure got a handful of bites.  So considering we were out there for maybe ten minutes with bad lighting, Emily did a great job!
So we didn't get as many pictures as we wanted and poses, but I'm just grateful that we finally have some pictures with all three of us, usually it's one of us with Thomas! So thank you Emily!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thomas' First Time on the Beach!

This week Dustin's sister, Emily and her husband, Scott are visiting us & we are loving having them around.  They came Wednesday night, so of course the first thing we did is headed over the beach Thursday morning. I was very excited since we haven't gone to the beach since we moved here and we've been wanting to take Thomas, and HE LOVED IT!!! He probably thought he died and gone to heaven. We went to ClearWater beach and it was BeaUTiFuL!

My two boys!

Nap Time!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tatter-TeLL TuESdAy!

Dustin: Did you know Dustin is allergic to cats? Yep, they make it so he can't breathe and itch. I like this about him because it guarantees that we will never own a cat, I'm not an animal person in the first place, but I really don't like cats!
Jessica: I hate making decisions, it is the worst, even the small things I would rather have someone decide. It's sometimes a problem for me, because I end up not getting things done sometimes, or I make a mess of something because I keep second guessing myself, or keep changing my mind, something like this happened today and when I told Dustin about it he just laughed because it something I do often, and I always make a big deal about it.
Thomas: Did you know that Thomas almost broke our lamp this last week, I left the room one second, and CRASH! I was scared it fell on him but luckily it didn't he didn't even notice, he just kept playing.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TaTter-TeLL TuESdAy!

Dustin: Did you know that Dustin never had braces? Yep, his teeth are naturally straight, let's hope that passes along to our children!
Jessica: I have really sensitive skin that I can't wear any foundation on my face or I will have a rash. Once when I was in 5th grade it was popular for girls to wear sparkles on their face, so one day I put some on my face and the following day my face was all red, I remember being so embarrassed about my red face.
Thomas: Did you know that Thomas plays with his ears like I do.  I always play with my ears since I was little that they don't have that much cartilage in them, it's just skin, so watching Thomas playing with his ears makes me wonder if his ears will be like mine.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Nine Months!

I swear each month goes by faster and faster...
This last month Thomas has learned to crawl, well, army crawl. He also will clap his hands and gives you a high five!
He weighs 16.5 Ibs, so he's on the little side, but eats A TON!
We love him to pieces!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ripley's Believe it or Not!

Thursday we went to Ripley's Believe it or Not as a family. I have been wanting to go since we have been here since I loved watching the show growing up so Dustin took us! It was fun because I like how the weird and crazy things they have. 

So right as you walk in, they had these fertility statues that they claim if a woman rubs her hands on one of them she will get pregnant soon, we thought it was funny because there was a movie going on about people testifying it's power, so first I told Dustin to touch it, than I finally did, so we will see if truly works. ha ha I took my chances...

the tallest man.

This is a sculpture of WALLIE that they used for the movie, it is all made of scrap metal. For our first date Dustin and I watch WALLIE.
We also got our picture taken! ha ha we thought this was so funny we ended up purchasing it. We did one with Thomas in a Shrek picture but it didn't turn out as good so we just got this one.