Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My little Trick-or-Treaters

So these pictures were kinda a pain, and I may-or-may not got angry at my kids during the photo shoot, and now I feel really bad... I have really good kids who will listen to their mom and let her take pictures of them ALL THE TIME!
So I saw something like this on good-old-pinterest where you could purchase the digital format for this backdrop for $5, and you could print it out, which was a good deal, but I decided to make it myself and save $5, so I drew the spider webs on paper, scan it, opened photoshop and made it look like it was on a chalkboard and order a large print from Staples because they were the cheapest so far and everyone one pinterest said go to them. Well, to make a long story short, they ran out of the paper so I had to wait longer and I ended up picking it up right before I had to pick Dustin and I was trying to beat rush hour that when they showed me the print and I saw that it was messed up with lines across it, I wanted to tell them that it was unacceptable and how was I going to use that? Well, I always feel guilty if I complain, maybe because I have worked retail so long and have been complained to so much, and I was really tired and didn't feel like waiting any longer with my kids that I took the print the way it was, I knew they knew it was bad because they asked, "Does that look ok to you?"
Anyway, than today I was trying to get it set up when Oliver was trying get to the backdrop and ripping it, than messing with my fake wood floor, I was getting pretty angry, and bribing poor Thomas to sit for pictures, and he fought it but I think he saw how tired and angry I was and said "Ok mommy." and was really good, but than Oliver was trying to wrestle with him and take his mask off so Thomas started getting mad, that I finally just threw candy and them and said they could have whatever they wanted and turned on a movie, and I finally got some pictures even with the messed up background.

So the moral of the story, don't set high expectations for a perfect picture, and you should be great!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Festivities

This week we did some fun things.
We went to the pumpkin patch again but this time with Grandma Lisa, Grandma Hayden, and my SIL Emily and cute, baby Carter.

Than Friday the library had trick-or-treating and some games, and now I have 2 kids I get double the candy.... well sorta, Thomas is starting to like the candy too, but I do get Oliver's!

Than Saturday was pumpkin carving with my brother and his family, and Jenny and Tony. The kids painted the pumpkins and we got to eat yummy pumpkin empandas(sp)!

Later that night we headed to Dustin's aunt and uncle's for their ward party but it started raining right as we got there so we were lucky to get this shot and grabbed some chili and ended up hanging out at Dustin's parents house so we still had a fun night!

Oliver @ Nine Months

My little Oliver turned nine months this past week!

A little bit about Oliver...

He loves "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam"

He just started clapping his hands

His two top teeth are coming in

He is starting to cruise on the furniture but he still needs some assistance

He likes to wrestle and growl at you

He loves playing with Thomas

He gets into EVERYTHING and he eats EVERYTHING, he ate a dead bug today, so gross... I made Dustin get it out.

He is still a light-sleeper

He loves going outside

He loves to swing

He likes to follow me where ever I go

When he wants to do something he will no matter how many times I try to stop him

He's still a momma's boy but he likes his daddy time too

And I can't imagine life without him!
I look tired in this picture, O wait I am tired, but it's a good tired.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Having Fun with Pumpkins

Now that we are all feeling better, we are catching up on all the fall festivities! And this week we did a lot of pumpkin themed activities!  
On Friday I took the kids to the cutest pumpkin patch, it was adorable. They had so many fun activities for the kids, there was a hayride (we just didn't stay long enough to go), a station to decorate your pumpkin, a little straw maze, Checkers, and they also had cute little set ups for great picture taking, but to get my kids to work with me to get a nice picture.... well, that's another story. Thomas  lately won't look at the camera at all and gives me a cheesy smile and looks away so I ended up letting them do whatever they wanted and they had a lot of fun.
Than this picture, I couldn't help but put a conversation bubble because I'm pretty sure that was what my kids were thinking the whole time.

Than today we went to the Arboretum with my brother, Michael and his family to check out the pumpkins there; it was super crowded there and the sun was pretty bright out so it was hard to get some good pictures but luckily we got a few. I love the Arboretum in the fall it's one of my favorite things, and Thomas always loves hanging out with his cousins.

Than this week has been cold and raining a lot {and I have loved every minute of it} so I got a pumpkin for Thomas to paint one day to keep him entertained, and he loved it. He did a cool face but than kept painting until the whole thing was covered.
 Than later this week I cooked the pumpkin and made some delicious pumpkin muffins, so like I said, this week has been full of pumpkin activities!