Saturday, October 19, 2013

Having Fun with Pumpkins

Now that we are all feeling better, we are catching up on all the fall festivities! And this week we did a lot of pumpkin themed activities!  
On Friday I took the kids to the cutest pumpkin patch, it was adorable. They had so many fun activities for the kids, there was a hayride (we just didn't stay long enough to go), a station to decorate your pumpkin, a little straw maze, Checkers, and they also had cute little set ups for great picture taking, but to get my kids to work with me to get a nice picture.... well, that's another story. Thomas  lately won't look at the camera at all and gives me a cheesy smile and looks away so I ended up letting them do whatever they wanted and they had a lot of fun.
Than this picture, I couldn't help but put a conversation bubble because I'm pretty sure that was what my kids were thinking the whole time.

Than today we went to the Arboretum with my brother, Michael and his family to check out the pumpkins there; it was super crowded there and the sun was pretty bright out so it was hard to get some good pictures but luckily we got a few. I love the Arboretum in the fall it's one of my favorite things, and Thomas always loves hanging out with his cousins.

Than this week has been cold and raining a lot {and I have loved every minute of it} so I got a pumpkin for Thomas to paint one day to keep him entertained, and he loved it. He did a cool face but than kept painting until the whole thing was covered.
 Than later this week I cooked the pumpkin and made some delicious pumpkin muffins, so like I said, this week has been full of pumpkin activities!

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