Sunday, January 29, 2017

Oliver Turns 4!

This past week Oliver turned 4! So technically Peter's birthday is two days before Oliver's but we celebrated Oliver's the Saturday before his birthday and before Peter's so his cousins could come to celebrate.

This year Flash has been popular in our house so he wanted a Flash cake. 
I let my kids decide if they want to open presents from us while everyone is there or first thing in the morning; well, Oliver was too excited and opened his presents first thing in the morning; and he actually wanted to eat the cake right away too but I made him wait till later! 

The kids had fun playing with their cousins. We are lucky to have family close by.

I can't believe Oliver is 4, I swear that third year went by fast! I hope this means the terrible threes are over!

Peter Turns 2!!!!

Last Sunday Peter turned two! Time sure flies. 
Since we have church at 11 we let him open some presents that morning then later we had cake and ice cream and celebrated with Dustin's parents and grandparents. 
Peter thought it was pretty cool to have his own cake and that we were all singing Happy Birthday to him, he talked about that for a few days! 

We love our Peter!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

New Year and Snap shots

We are half way through the month and just now am I posting about the new year.
Well so far 2017 has been very busy and not my favorite...

It started off with all of us with nasty colds, and a chance of Oliver having pin worms, so there have been a lot of and washing everything in the house and giving everyone treatment. 

Also new years day we had a major windstorm that blew down our fence and a lot of our roof and siding, about $15,000 worth of damage. Luckily our insurance is covering most of it but still an expense we weren't anticipating. 

Also this month between everyone we will have eight doctor appointments. Just busy, busy and I kinda can't wait till this month is over.

Anyway some snapshots the past two weeks:

One of my favorite parts of the day, is seeing this kid come home:

This past month I finally bought some paint! It's been since college since I have painted with real paint, so it's been rough but I have been having a lot of fun. I got gouache instead of Oils, so it's definitely been a learning curve. Last year my goal was to have nice finished paintings to build my portfolio, and this year I'm trying to experiment more so I probably will be doing more studies vs paintings.

And some pictures of Oliver and Peter. Its been cold outside so we have been staying home a lot. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas 2016

This past Christmas we headed to Utah to stay with my brother and his family! We were excited to be with family and to have a white Christmas! My kids were excited to eat some snow, especially Oliver.

It's a two day drive to Utah, and the kids did great, I mean they had movies and snacks the whole time ;) But after we drove through the mountains and Thomas started feeling sick and eventually threw up, but I was prepared, but then Oliver threw up, which I was not prepared for, then I got sick as well. It was funny and horrible at the same time. Here's me holding the throw up bag.
The next day was our Anniversary, and Brianna was kind enough to watch our kids so Dustin and I could do sealings at the temple that morning, and I passed out doing it, I felt really dumb but it happens. Then later that night we went to Temple Square for the lights to meet more of my siblings and it was crazy busy! But we had fun, Thomas loves going to Temple Square.
Thomas building a giant, and playing with cousins and grandpa.
Christmas Eve program, we watched our family slide show, had some of the kids perform, then we watched Charlie Brown's Christmas while watching we eat yummy finger food that Brianna prepared. It was really nice.
Then we did the nativity, and of course the kids were adorable!
Then we opened our Christmas Pajamas, when a visitor came...
The kids playing with their toys from Santa's visit.
Our family Christmas Eve, and Christmas morning!
Some pictures of the kids playing in the snow!
And a picture of Peter and I at the hotel. He's my cuddling buddy.
We had so much fun this Christmas it's always fun hanging out with family during the holidays. Thanks Paul and Bri for inviting us!