Monday, January 12, 2015

Pregnancy Update

I haven't been very good at updating this pregnancy on this blog here. Life has been busy. I went full term the week of Christmas and life hasn't slowed down. We had a great New Years and Dustin's mom hosted a fun party, probably one of my favorite New Years, I wish I had taken pictures of that fun night. Then after New Years we all got really sick, at least all of us but Dustin. The day he started work was the day we all got sick, go figure. There were a lot of sleepless nights, and I think we've seen every family movie we own to keep us entertained while we were recovering. And just now we are getting better. So I've been praying to have this little guy in me as long as possible to make sure all the sickness is gone. I went to the dr today and as of today I'm almost 4cm and 45% effaced. I'm hoping I have the baby before my next apt on Wednesday, but that could be wishful thinking. So right now I'm just trying to get the house cleaned and ready to go and hoping all of us we be well when this one decides to come.
Also last week my primary companion threw me a baby shower. I was so touched by everyone who came and my friends in my ward. People are so kind. I just found out last week that our car seat had expired, which I didn't think was a big deal till I read about it so that was an unexpected expense and after the shower I had enough money from gift cards to get another one and then some. I'm greatly blessed.

Anyway, a little update. This picture was taken 39 weeks and 40 lovely pounds.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas 2014

Prepare for a LONG post.
Christmas this year was a blast and probably one of my favorites! It's so fun when you kids are old enough to get excited for Christmas it brings back the magic. 
Friday, before Christmas we had a mini Christmas with Dustin's parents since we were having Christmas with my family and Dustin's parents were going to be in Denver during Christmas.
It started when my mother-in-law picked me up around lunch time and my father-in-law watched the kids. I thought it was just going to be lunch and a little shopping, but my MIL did a lot more than that! Our first stop was Pottery Barn Kids-that store is my down fall, I'm obsessed with it, especially around Christmas time- ask my sister-in-law, Brie who stayed with us during Christmas I pretty much kept talking about that store and showing her catalogs ha ha (thanks Brie for humoring me!)
Anyway my MIL gave me a budget and told me I could get whatever I wanted in there! I was in heaven, even though I was just there the night before with Dustin for our Anniversary which has become an annual tradition. Then she took me to lunch and surprised me with a hair appointment, I started laughing because I desperately needed one, it had been almost 2 years since I have cut my hair so it was much needed. I got some bangs and a trim, I was going to cut it pretty short but the hair dresser talked me out of it, which was probably a good thing since Oliver loves playing with my hair and probably would have been devastated.
Afterwards we had pizza and had our little Christmas, the boys got soccer balls and a goal, Back-packs, and some clothes. Dustin got an art book, and a new suit, and my MIL wrapped up what I picked out at Pottery Barn and surprised me with more stuff from there that I was debating to get. It was a great day.
Then Tuesday night before Christmas everyone arrived! My sister, Nicole and her family stayed with my brother Michael. Then my brother, Paul and his family stayed with us, while my parents got a hotel between the two places. But we always met up at my brother, Michael's house since it was the bigger spot, so poor Trixie had to do a lot of work to feed everyone! It was so much fun and a lot of people! And that's not even half of my family! Christmas Eve we hung out and played a little catch up while the cousins were playing together.
Then we had the kids decorate some cookies while the adults watched and took pictures.
Then it was time to tell the Christmas story. My parents brought really cute costumes with them. Oliver was a really cute donkey but wouldn't wear the hood for very long. Thomas was Joseph and he thought that was pretty cool, he wore his costume a little longer afterwards because he was so excited.
Then we headed home, let the kids open their Pjs and sent them off to bed. Oliver was not very happy about saving cookies for Santa, he wanted to eat them. It was so fun to see the kids excited about their pjs and going to bed waiting for Santa to come. Then the adults went to work. Bikes were popular this year from Santa, poor Dustin had to build 2 bikes, luckily my brother was there to help since he became a pro after building Susie's. I had still a few presents to wrap, and I tied the big bows from Santa and printed off some really cute tags that looked like Santa made them, and I stuffed the Santa bag with presents-it is so fun being Santa. Then we watched a movie that night, it was so fun having Paul and Brie to chill with at night.
Then Christmas morning! Paul's kids were awake before ours, but when Oliver woke up, we woke up Thomas. The first thing Oliver asked if Santa came, I'm so surprised how aware he is about things. The kids were excited about their bikes, Thomas was excited that his bike was a "hulk" bike because it was green. We made the kids take a quick picture before opening presents, little Braden didn't want to be part of it so it's just the three kids.
They boys got a lot this year, I try to keep it simple but some how every year they get a lot. I stay in the budget though! They got a lot of the same toys since they both are into the same things. They got some ninja turtles, a ninja turtle kick boxing toy-now that one is my favorite, and Dustin had fun with that one too, some transformers, blocks, books, more Hulk toys, race track, and everything in between. 
Then I made a breakfast casserole that is a big tradition in Dustin's family and some toast, yogurt, banana bread for our Breakfast. I was excited to use my new Rudolph dishes and table cloth from my Christmas/anniversary presents! Now to have a cute kitchen, and no neon green chairs---one day!
After breakfast and letting the kids play a little, we headed back to Michael's house so the kids could open presents from my parents. The kids got some hot wheels race tracks, and Hulk hands, I would think it's safe to say those were a big hit.
Like I mentioned, a big hit. Thomas had to sleep with them that night:
Then we hung around the next few days. And it was pretty exhausting partying like we did, as you can see:
My sister-in-law took these pictures of all of us siblings asleep at the same time. It was hilarious.  

It was such a fun week and it happened so fast. It makes me excited for our reunion coming up this summer.

Some other things that happened that week that I didn't mention earlier or had pictures were:

Joshua, my nephew got baptized. 

Playing at the church afterwards. The kids had a lot of fun. So did the guys, until Michael hit Dustin in the head with a Nerf dart and gave him an injury and made his head bleed all over. It's was crazy, it was just a toy, but the damage was crazy.

All the girls took me to lunch and we had a little baby shower for me.

And all the great laughs we had.

We had such a great time, it was sad to see everyone go.