Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where Did Time Go?

Today Dustin and I went to BYU-I bookstore to buy some books and school stuff for our last semester. While we were waiting in line to purchase our stuff I couldn't help but wonder where the time went, because it seemed like yesterday I was at the old bookstore getting stuff for my first semester in college as an 18 year old. Now exactly three years later as a 21 year old who is married and expecting her first baby boy I couldn't help but feel a little old when were surrounded by freshman with their parents and I was the only one there with a baby bump. But these past three years have been awesome and I have grown up a lot and it's crazy to see how much happens those three years. In those three years I had to opportunity to go to Europe, to learn how to mountain bike, broke my tail bone for the first time, been proposed to more than once, had my heart broken, had some great dates and some really bad dates, had my first C, had a few trials, my testimony has grown, met many great people, and of course I met my husband and been having a blast these last nine months and now soon to have a baby. It's been fun but I can't wait to move to the next level but at the same time nervous about it. It's crazy to think in a few months I will be done with school and that's what I have been doing with my life for 15+ years and to be a mother for the first time. Just crazy to think.
On another note Dustin and I are doing really well, keeping busy with our art, and the last few weeks Dustin's sister, Crystal has taught me how to design for digital scrapbooking so I have also been working on that. Also we are getting ready for our little critter in a couple months, it's getting very exciting but nerve wrecking for me at the same time. School starts in 2 days so things are going to go crazy but exciting at the same time.