Thursday, December 23, 2010

little photo shoot

My Sister-in-law has a really nice set up for taking pictures so we decided to take a few of Thomas we didn't get a whole lot because Thomas was fussy but here are some of my favorites.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crazy Week and Weekend

Dustin and I are done!!!!! We are finally BYU-I graduates! This month has been crazy because both Dustin and I had to get our senior projects done and hung while joggling (sp) with Thomas. This week was even more crazy trying to get finals done and last minute assignments and papers while preparing for graduation. What was even more crazy was this weekend. We had Dustin's sister Emily get married on Friday in Draper, utah than that night we had graduation, than Saturday morning we had the big graduation in the new auditorium (which was massive by the way) and blessed Thomas that afternoon. It was fun and crazy at the same time but now we can sit back and relax at least for a while.
A little about Thomas, first thing he is a joy in our lives and I love him so much! And he's soooo cute! He's learning how to smile, well is more opening his mouth with a little bit of a smile but he knows he gets a reaction to it!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thomas Weston Clark and some catch up!

Most of you know that Thomas is now with us! He was born November 7 at 6:04 a.m. and he was 7.8 pounds and 20 1/2 inches. He's been a lot of fun the last two weeks and he's getting so big! Here are some pictures of the little guy, he is so cute! But I'm probably bias because he's our little guy but I just think he's adorable.
Now some catching up, I haven't been much of a blogger because I've been working on my senior project and was trying to get it done before the little one came. Well I'm almost finished and Dustin and I will be having our art work hung up in the college library on December 2-17, so you should stop by and see it, but if not I will post some of our paintings next week so you guys can see. It's been fun but we are both excited to be done and also to be done with school. But here is my invitation for the opening reception:

He's hair is always crazy after a bath, but I look at this picture right now and he looks so little compared to now, it's crazy how fast they grow!

Those are a few things we have been up to, and I will try be a better blogger in the future!

Friday, October 29, 2010


I don't know about you guys, but I feel huge and I'm ready to have this little guy soon! This is me 37 1/2 weeks, and I feel like I'm ready to pop! P.S. Don't mind our messy study.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where Did Time Go?

Today Dustin and I went to BYU-I bookstore to buy some books and school stuff for our last semester. While we were waiting in line to purchase our stuff I couldn't help but wonder where the time went, because it seemed like yesterday I was at the old bookstore getting stuff for my first semester in college as an 18 year old. Now exactly three years later as a 21 year old who is married and expecting her first baby boy I couldn't help but feel a little old when were surrounded by freshman with their parents and I was the only one there with a baby bump. But these past three years have been awesome and I have grown up a lot and it's crazy to see how much happens those three years. In those three years I had to opportunity to go to Europe, to learn how to mountain bike, broke my tail bone for the first time, been proposed to more than once, had my heart broken, had some great dates and some really bad dates, had my first C, had a few trials, my testimony has grown, met many great people, and of course I met my husband and been having a blast these last nine months and now soon to have a baby. It's been fun but I can't wait to move to the next level but at the same time nervous about it. It's crazy to think in a few months I will be done with school and that's what I have been doing with my life for 15+ years and to be a mother for the first time. Just crazy to think.
On another note Dustin and I are doing really well, keeping busy with our art, and the last few weeks Dustin's sister, Crystal has taught me how to design for digital scrapbooking so I have also been working on that. Also we are getting ready for our little critter in a couple months, it's getting very exciting but nerve wrecking for me at the same time. School starts in 2 days so things are going to go crazy but exciting at the same time.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Two More Days!!!!

In two more days we get to find out if the little critter is a boy or a girl. First I was leaning more towards wanting a girl but more and more I just want a healthy baby. We get to find out this Thursday, Dustin and I are very excited.
Also the last few weeks I have been able to feel the baby and it's one of the most exciting feelings in the world. On Father's day Dustin actually got to feel the baby too! I didn't think he could yet but I told him where the baby was so he gave it shot and he got really excited about it, that now he's feeling my stomach a lot more. He will be a great dad, I can tell he's tickled with the idea!
Today also was our 6 month mark! Crazy to think since it seems like last month we got married, so we celebrated a little since our year mark the little critter will be around so we don't know how much we will be able to do.
Well we are doing great! Having a good time! And hope everyone else is doing well.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Typical Baby Bump Picture!

Here is the typical baby bump picture that people do. Well here I am at 13 weeks. I can see the bump pretty well, but some people at my work tease me and say they can't see anything, but I know it's there because I was getting very uncomfortable in my regular pants that Dustin and I finally got some maternity pants and it feels good to not have pants jabbing me in the stomach. But I didn't think I would start showing this fast because it's my first one but o well it's still exciting.
This last week I had another check up and my mom and I got to see the baby again through the ultra sound and the baby was moving like crazy that the nurse had a hard time measuring the little kiddo. So I'm thinking it's one active boy like his father or one hyper girl like her mother, it will be interesting to find out what the gender will be.
So about us, Dustin is doing really well with his art. He has been doing caricatures at several activities, first he did one for I-night and he was a big hit, and ever since than he has been getting some random college students who have been asking if they could get theirs done. Also he did one of the new Teriyaki guy in Rexburg so we have been getting free meals there. And for this month he is doing caricatures at the high School for $30-50 an hour, and just today he got a job to go to a lady's daughter's 16th birthday and he will be getting $30 an hour as well. He's getting really good and he has a blast doing it so I'm happy for him.
As for me I just been working at Porter's full time again... but this will be my last time! But it hasn't been too bad, I just feel like a bad wife when I get home because I'm so tired when I'm done that I haven't been the cleanest house keeper and I usually end up in bed and fall asleep pretty quick afterwards but Dustin been an awesome husband and has been helping me out a lot.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Little Surprise!

Painting Dustin did of us, it's not done but I still like it.

About two months ago I wasn't feeling very well and I was wondering if I was coming down with something, but all I knew was that I was very tired and couldn't get enough sleep. Than an idea came to my head, "Am I pregnant?" and right away I was thinking no way but I wanted to ease my mind, so poor Dustin had to go to the store with me to get a pregnancy test because I just wanted to know instead of guessing, but I made him go and pick it up himself while I hid in the other isle, because since I'm from Rexburg and I know everyone I didn't rumors to spread, especially if I wasn't. Than we went home, I really was thinking that it was going to be a negative but again I just wanted to know. I took the test I watched it to see the result and right before my eyes it said I was pregnant! Emotions flooded over me and I didn't know what to think but once it sunk in I couldn't be more happy about this. So yep, I'm PREGNANT!
Just last week I went to my first ultra sound, and can I say, it is so amazing to see your baby and to see it move it is one of the most exciting things that has happened in my life! I have been having a blast reading about all that is happening with my baby and all I can say, it really is a miracle!
It's funny how to Lord will answer our prayers. Since Dustin and I have been married ( I know whole four months we were quick) we prayed to know when to start a family, and one week I was in the temple and I came with that question in my mind, and later that week I found I was pregnant, the Lord answers our prayers but sometimes it's not the way we expect.
Well, I'm a little over ten weeks along and my due date is November 16. Dustin and I are doing very well, Dustin started a new semester this last week, and I'm working at Porter's again and taking one class and we been having a great time being married.
Also, on the funny side, right as we found we were pregnant I put a pregnancy counter on the bottom of our blog to see if anyone would catch it and the only person that did was Nancy Tietjen so she found out a little earlier!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BIrthday and crazy week

Last week was my 21st birthday, and again Dustin made my birthday special. I don't have the pictures yet so I will post them later. For my birthday I woke up with breakfast that Dustin made and the apartment all cleaned up. Than after school we went to Idaho Falls to go shopping and he let me spend a lot of money for myself I was really excited. I got some clothes, shoes, Harry Potter book (because I want to have the whole collection but we can only afford one at a time) and Sense and sensibility the movie. We also we went out to eat at Fazollie's which is really good. Afterwards we went back to our apartment and Dustin got these way cool candles that light up in different colors (I saw them the other day at the store and expressed how cool they were) on my half eaten cheese cake that my mom made for me. It was really fun. Than we spend rest of the day relaxing which was super nice. Also my mother-in-law gave me more miche purses which I really like. Than the day after my birthday we went to my parents house and had home-made pizza because for the last few months I keep begging my mom to make it. So that was a great surprise. My 21st birthday was great!
This following week has been crazy, Dustin and I have lost many things, but luckily after much praying and being patient we have found all of them, but to give you an idea how much here is the list:
3. Wacom pen
5. remotes (but that's every day)
6.keys (again, every day thing)
7. backpack
8. art supplies
9. books

Well, luckily we found all of those things but sometimes I wonder about us, I just think we are too busy that we forget where we place things.
Another crazy thing that happened to us this last week was our disaster with cake. This last Friday we were having a get together with some people in our ward and Dustin and I were going to bring a cake "were" is the key word here because we thought that we needed to double the recipe, but we were wrong. The cake overflowed, and it was every where! It took us a while to clean it up, and I still find random spots where there is cake, but when it happened we couldn't stop laughing. Last week was one thing after another maybe this week will go more smoothly.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wedding Pictures!! FINALLY!!!

Here are some of our wedding pictures. We finally got them but we don't have the edited ones because the photographer wants us to pick them out so we should have those soon. But here are some of the pictures I had fun editing. I thought our photographer did an amazing job.
About Dustin and I, we are doing fine staying busy that's why I haven't had time to blog but I will try and do better.