Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Little Surprise!

Painting Dustin did of us, it's not done but I still like it.

About two months ago I wasn't feeling very well and I was wondering if I was coming down with something, but all I knew was that I was very tired and couldn't get enough sleep. Than an idea came to my head, "Am I pregnant?" and right away I was thinking no way but I wanted to ease my mind, so poor Dustin had to go to the store with me to get a pregnancy test because I just wanted to know instead of guessing, but I made him go and pick it up himself while I hid in the other isle, because since I'm from Rexburg and I know everyone I didn't rumors to spread, especially if I wasn't. Than we went home, I really was thinking that it was going to be a negative but again I just wanted to know. I took the test I watched it to see the result and right before my eyes it said I was pregnant! Emotions flooded over me and I didn't know what to think but once it sunk in I couldn't be more happy about this. So yep, I'm PREGNANT!
Just last week I went to my first ultra sound, and can I say, it is so amazing to see your baby and to see it move it is one of the most exciting things that has happened in my life! I have been having a blast reading about all that is happening with my baby and all I can say, it really is a miracle!
It's funny how to Lord will answer our prayers. Since Dustin and I have been married ( I know whole four months we were quick) we prayed to know when to start a family, and one week I was in the temple and I came with that question in my mind, and later that week I found I was pregnant, the Lord answers our prayers but sometimes it's not the way we expect.
Well, I'm a little over ten weeks along and my due date is November 16. Dustin and I are doing very well, Dustin started a new semester this last week, and I'm working at Porter's again and taking one class and we been having a great time being married.
Also, on the funny side, right as we found we were pregnant I put a pregnancy counter on the bottom of our blog to see if anyone would catch it and the only person that did was Nancy Tietjen so she found out a little earlier!


West Family said...

Babies are the best kind of suprises! You will be amazed at how the Lord provides a way for His children

Jamie Blake said...

Wow, Jess. Congrats! I couldn't be more happy for you guys! Hope things are going well- keep in touch! :)

Clarissa said...

YEAH!!! Jess that is SO exciting! Babies are so much fun. It is amazing how they make you feel like a real family rather than just a couple! I am so excited for you! You will be a great mom! You too are so cute! I love the picture that Dustin painted of you guys, it really looks like you...duh it would you two are both real artists!! Well congratulations! I hope you don't get too sick, but it is all worth it!!

Celia said...

I am very happy for you guys. Babies are really a miracle!.
Enjoy this time just the two of you and enjoy your first pregnancy. You guys will be great parents!

Kim said...

Congratulations! You both will make such CUTE parents:) Can't wait to hear what you'll be having!

Rooneys said...

congrats! babies do really change your life for all the better! I cried watching the first ultrasound! it's amazing to hear the heartbeat they really are a miracle. Your babies due date is my bday! Crazy! It's way cool when you get to find out what they are too that ultrasound is awesome to see whats in your baby. Congrats again.

Charles and Nancy said...

You will be an awesome mom! I'm so excited for you! I also can't wait to find out if you are having a boy or a girl so I can get you something.