Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BIrthday and crazy week

Last week was my 21st birthday, and again Dustin made my birthday special. I don't have the pictures yet so I will post them later. For my birthday I woke up with breakfast that Dustin made and the apartment all cleaned up. Than after school we went to Idaho Falls to go shopping and he let me spend a lot of money for myself I was really excited. I got some clothes, shoes, Harry Potter book (because I want to have the whole collection but we can only afford one at a time) and Sense and sensibility the movie. We also we went out to eat at Fazollie's which is really good. Afterwards we went back to our apartment and Dustin got these way cool candles that light up in different colors (I saw them the other day at the store and expressed how cool they were) on my half eaten cheese cake that my mom made for me. It was really fun. Than we spend rest of the day relaxing which was super nice. Also my mother-in-law gave me more miche purses which I really like. Than the day after my birthday we went to my parents house and had home-made pizza because for the last few months I keep begging my mom to make it. So that was a great surprise. My 21st birthday was great!
This following week has been crazy, Dustin and I have lost many things, but luckily after much praying and being patient we have found all of them, but to give you an idea how much here is the list:
3. Wacom pen
5. remotes (but that's every day)
6.keys (again, every day thing)
7. backpack
8. art supplies
9. books

Well, luckily we found all of those things but sometimes I wonder about us, I just think we are too busy that we forget where we place things.
Another crazy thing that happened to us this last week was our disaster with cake. This last Friday we were having a get together with some people in our ward and Dustin and I were going to bring a cake "were" is the key word here because we thought that we needed to double the recipe, but we were wrong. The cake overflowed, and it was every where! It took us a while to clean it up, and I still find random spots where there is cake, but when it happened we couldn't stop laughing. Last week was one thing after another maybe this week will go more smoothly.


West Family said...

Glad you had a good Birthday! The forgetting stuff makes me laugh, that is how Michael is every morning he asks where his keys, wallet, ect are. I have now made a spot that he is supposed to put them when he comes in everyday. :)

Charles and Nancy said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday. It sounded like lots of fun! I lose stuff all the time too. Anyway, I like the update!