Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tatter-TeLL TuESdAy!

DuStIn: Did you know that Dustin is always doing something, he doesn't like to waste time. He is always productive, well almost, I sometimes make him sit down and watch a movie with me but even than he will be drawing while we are watching a movie. He doesn't play any video or computer games on his free time or anything, if he has free time he will either draw, play the guitar, play soccer, or play with Thomas.
JeSsIcA: I would love to learn how to gourmet cook, but right now with a tight budget and not having really any cooking equipment that talent might just have to wait. But Dustin says I can make a "pretty mean meal for a $1.50". YAY! Go me!
THoMaS: Thomas loves to laugh, wrestle, sing, and dance. It's so funny, when I'm listening to music or singing he will sing with me or the song, it's so cute. Also today I danced with him and he was cracking up and having a good time.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Good and the Bad

I have been meaning to do this post last week, but my computer wouldn't let me download any pictures.
We have been in Orlando for almost three weeks now, and there are some things I like and some things I don't like about Orlando. Let's start with the don't likes:
  • I don't like how a lot of people smoke here, not only are there a lot of people that smoke here but I have seen so many people smoking with their kids right there! I can't believe it
  • No one stops for pedestrians here, I have gone on some walks with Thomas, so I'm a mother with a baby so you think people would slow down or stop for me, nope they don't, and if they have to wait for me to cross the street they seem to be a little upset.
  • There are huge bugs here! And we saw our first cockroach last week, yeah I have been freaking out. I have worked really hard to keep our apartment clean but I guess we are in florida so we are going to see them once and a while.                                            
Now the likes:
  • I like how there is everything close by, we have two malls, two outlet malls, super target, walmart, costco, sam's club. I think of a store we have it 20 minutes or closer.
  • And they have a lot of restaurants here that I like, Olive Garden is next door, CheeseCake Factory, Panda Express, Panera, and many more we haven't heard of but they sound good!
  • There are lot of young couples here who work for Disney World, the other day I met the girl who is Dori in Finding Nemo play, so it's been fun making some friends.  
  • We can go to Universal studios and many parks for free, we are walking distance from sea world and Aquatica (which is way cool water park)
  • We go swimming a lot. 
Last week Dustin started working and he is loving it and doing really well. I don't know if I ever explained his job, well he's a charciature(sp) artist for Sea World, he's considering it more schooling because you learn a lot as an artist because you draw from life, a lot of character designers for movies start this way. It's mostly commission base, so when you start out you don't make as much money, but Dustin is making more than a new guy usually does, he is making as much they said he would in a couple months and he's only been doing it for a week. But the other day he got a rejection, which means the person didn't want the drawing, when he told me I felt so bad and he was like "don't be, I don't mind, I'm in the club now" I guess every one gets a rejection here and there, but if it was for me, I would be in tears, but I think I take things to personal when it involves with my art.
Dustin & Thomas in the pool.

Thomas having a good time in the water, he loves it, well, when the water is warm.

Dustin with his first rejection, he didn't get to finish it before they said they didn't want it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TaTter-TeLL TuESdAy!

I haven't been doing my tatter-tale Tuesdays the last couple weeks because of the move, I will try and do better in the future.
DUsTiN: Did you know that Dustin makes friends with anyone, he knows so many people and he just has a way with people. So many times I might meet up with him somewhere and he's talking to someone and I think it someone he knows really well and has a history with him, and later I find out he just met them right there. 
JEsSiCA:  I have mention this before, but I love Nutella, this past week I ate a whole jar pretty much to myself, it's so good. I try and not get it very often because I can't stop eating it when it's in the house.

ThOMaS: Thomas loves to eat! He's loving the baby food right now, and he gets upset when we are eating and he hasn't been fed yet. And when this little guy is hungry he let's you know. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Downtown Disney

Last night Dustin & I went downtown Disney for a little date. I'm really liking Orlando now, at first it was a little rocky, but there is so much to do, that Dustin and I decided at least once a month do something that Orlando has to offer. So for this month we decided to just hang out at down town Disney to check it out it was a lot of fun.  We also just found out that we can get tickets not only to Sea World for free but we can get in some water parks and Universal Studios for free! We also have some hook ups for Disney World that we are really excited about!

Thomas sleeping before we went to Downtown Disney.

We had a little fun at the hat section of the store....

Had to put a lamp post picture! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Florida ,Thomas, catching up

It's been a crazy week so I haven't been able to blog or anything at all so here is a little update.

First thing, Thomas turned 6 months last week! He's getting SO big! I didn't really get a chance to do pictures for his 6 months because we have been super busy so I need to take some soon! But this last month he grew up so much, he's rolling all over now and has desire to crawl he just hasn't figured it out yet. He has two bottom teeth sticking out now, and he started eating baby food {which was a little rocky a first but now he loves it!}. And he's a little talker.

Now Florida, we are finally here in Orlando in our new apartment! Last week we packed up everything and hopped in the car and took a few days to get here. We arrived here last Thursday and we stayed with an elderly couple who were amazing and super nice, but they were a little ecentric(sp) too. They had no internet in there home and Dustin and I needed it for directions for our apartment, so we tried to get a map of Orlando but I guess the company that made maps went out of business because everyone uses the internet or a GPS. So we are in a new city not knowing where anything was with no directions whatsoever...
Well, that night we finally got directions to the apartment by calling Dustin's sister and she looked it up online. We head over to our apartment with excitement, it was 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom apartment with a good price, and we couldn't wait to see it. Well we found out pretty quickly that it was in a scary part of the city and we decided not to take it. While driving around that area we saw some pretty interesting signs like "Gay Day -on May 27" and "Get your HIV testing here, get results in 30 minutes". That night I started crying thinking what did we decide to do, here we are in a strange city, with no apartment, and no map to find anything.
Friday, we got up to do some apartment hunting, to make this sort, there were a lot of apartments we looked at some were nice but too expensive, some a little questionable but affordable, and a lot of crying in my part, a lot humidity and hotness, and a lot of driving trying to find our way around town. Finally we went to some Apartment Hunters company, and a chick-or-dude helped us find some apartments. When I say a chick-or-dude I mean someone you're not sure if they are female or male, so this whole time I couldn't decided if the person who was helping us was a girl or a guy, they had sort hair, but talked in a female voice, but had a man build, but walked somewhat female like. So I looked at the name tag and it said  "Ryan (sue)" and that made me confused even more. When we left I finally asked Dustin if he knew and he enlightened me and told me she was a girl but she was gay. O GOTCHA! I felt stupid, and said, "Dustin, we aren't in Rexburg any more." but hey she was really nice and we got our apartment because of her.
So after that we head over to an apartment complex that was literally a five minute walk to Sea World which is where Dustin is working. It was a good price and everything, so we checked out the apartment they would have us in, and I wanted to cry, it looked very nasty with dark carpet, and the counters in the kitchen was so sort that I almost asked the lady if this was for people in wheel chair or something. Dustin and I walked out of the place with two different perspectives, he thought "this is great! it's so close to work" and I was thinking "There is NO WAY we are going to move here." Afterwards Dustin and I talked and realized quickly we both had different opinions, and it was our best option so far, so I again I started crying, and crying, and crying. We went to check out other apartments because I really didn't want to go there, but we didn't find anything that worked better for us. So we went back there and started the paper work.
Saturday, went better, we did some shopping for stuff we needed in our apartment, we went to the Orlando Temple {which is very beautiful} and discovered that our chapel that we met in is across the street, I was feeling better about things.
Sunday was great, the gospel is awesome! We made instant friends at church and I was seeing more of the good side of Orlando.
Monday, we went and explored Orlando a little, and went down to some Disney World resorts and downtown Disney and had a lot of fun, than later we were able to move in our apartment, but luckily they didn't actually give us the one we saw they gave us one that was WAY NICER, the apartment was clean, with new carpet and the right size kitchen counters.
Now we are pretty much moved in, we don't have any furniture at the moment but we are working on that. I'm feeling much better about Orlando and our apartment. We are in a way good spot, Sea World is so close so I can take Thomas any time, Disney world and Universal are really close, we have 2 outlet malls, a regular mall, a super target, walmart, costco, samsclub all very close. So things are better and I will try and post pictures of our apartment as soon as we get everything figured out.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New York Trip

 This past weekend Dustin, Thomas & I got to go to NEW YORK! It was super fun. We went to New York, I mentioned in earlier posts, that Dustin received an award and had a piece in the Society of Illustrators gallery, well this last weekend was the award ceremony so we went for that. It was really fun because we were also able to meet up with Brother Huntsman {one of our past art teachers} and a fellow student. We were not there long but we were able to walk around time square and walk through Central Park. Thomas LOVED NYC he was entertained with all the lights and pictures, it was really funny to see. We also walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and that was really cool.
On our way back from NY Dustin and I stopped at the Brandy Whine River Museum and we got to see some N. C. Wyeth paintings and they were AMAZING! You should check the artist if you don't know about him, he did some paintings for the book Treasure Island and many other books.
So a funny story, so there is a scary movie called "1408"that is based of a Steven King story that I made Dustin watch a year ago that scared him so much he couldn't finish it. Well, when we arrived at our hotel guess what room number we had, yep you guessed it, 1408, we both laughed about it, and luckily we survived.

One of my lamp post pictures...ha ha
Thomas & I at time square

Central Park

one of the few pictures of all three of us together

Brother Huntsman, and Hanna. Kinda made me miss college seeing these two people.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TaTter-TeLL TuESdAy!

My dear friend, Nancy, {you can find her cute Blog HERE} started this thing called Fun Fact Friday on her blog where every Friday she tells facts about each member every Friday, and there are so fun to read, and I loved the idea but wanted to do my own twist with it, so I will be doing my Tatter-Tell Tuesday every Tuesday and tell some little things about my family. So here we go...

DUsTIn: Did you know when Dustin was in high school he had that longer shaggy hair look that had flippy-like curls? But the funny part is, his hair naturally didn't do that like other boys so he would curl his hair with a curling iron and style it and hair spray it.  Also during his cross-country races he would blow dry is hair back and hair spray it stiff so when he was running it would look like he was running so fast that his hair was flowing back. 

JeSSiCa: I have a thing about lamp posts, ever since my Europe trip I have noticed how cool lamp posts are, so if I can I will take pictures of them, I haven't been very good about it recently, but every where I go I notice them. I think they are very unique and usually have a good design. One day I want to do a photography series of lamp posts, I know it's probably weird.

ThOmAs: Did you know that when Thomas sleeps he crooks his neck all funky, it looks like it hurts but that's when I know he's in a deep sleep.

These are not even half of my pictures I have on lamp posts.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day # 30: A picture of someone you miss

It's my last post for my 30 day challenge!!! So for this post I didn't know who I was going to put up because since we have moved I have missed many people. I really miss my family so much! I was going to put a picture of them, but I was thinking how much I miss the people in Rexburg and how much I just miss living in Rexburg. So I googled Rexburg, Idaho to get a picture of the town and  I noticed that my house was one of the pictures, and started getting teary-eyed because I really miss that home. My mom did a really good job making this place a wonderful home, it's small, it's needs a lot of fixing, but every time I walked in that house I felt warmth and love, and to me that's what makes a loving home.