Thursday, May 19, 2011

Florida ,Thomas, catching up

It's been a crazy week so I haven't been able to blog or anything at all so here is a little update.

First thing, Thomas turned 6 months last week! He's getting SO big! I didn't really get a chance to do pictures for his 6 months because we have been super busy so I need to take some soon! But this last month he grew up so much, he's rolling all over now and has desire to crawl he just hasn't figured it out yet. He has two bottom teeth sticking out now, and he started eating baby food {which was a little rocky a first but now he loves it!}. And he's a little talker.

Now Florida, we are finally here in Orlando in our new apartment! Last week we packed up everything and hopped in the car and took a few days to get here. We arrived here last Thursday and we stayed with an elderly couple who were amazing and super nice, but they were a little ecentric(sp) too. They had no internet in there home and Dustin and I needed it for directions for our apartment, so we tried to get a map of Orlando but I guess the company that made maps went out of business because everyone uses the internet or a GPS. So we are in a new city not knowing where anything was with no directions whatsoever...
Well, that night we finally got directions to the apartment by calling Dustin's sister and she looked it up online. We head over to our apartment with excitement, it was 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom apartment with a good price, and we couldn't wait to see it. Well we found out pretty quickly that it was in a scary part of the city and we decided not to take it. While driving around that area we saw some pretty interesting signs like "Gay Day -on May 27" and "Get your HIV testing here, get results in 30 minutes". That night I started crying thinking what did we decide to do, here we are in a strange city, with no apartment, and no map to find anything.
Friday, we got up to do some apartment hunting, to make this sort, there were a lot of apartments we looked at some were nice but too expensive, some a little questionable but affordable, and a lot of crying in my part, a lot humidity and hotness, and a lot of driving trying to find our way around town. Finally we went to some Apartment Hunters company, and a chick-or-dude helped us find some apartments. When I say a chick-or-dude I mean someone you're not sure if they are female or male, so this whole time I couldn't decided if the person who was helping us was a girl or a guy, they had sort hair, but talked in a female voice, but had a man build, but walked somewhat female like. So I looked at the name tag and it said  "Ryan (sue)" and that made me confused even more. When we left I finally asked Dustin if he knew and he enlightened me and told me she was a girl but she was gay. O GOTCHA! I felt stupid, and said, "Dustin, we aren't in Rexburg any more." but hey she was really nice and we got our apartment because of her.
So after that we head over to an apartment complex that was literally a five minute walk to Sea World which is where Dustin is working. It was a good price and everything, so we checked out the apartment they would have us in, and I wanted to cry, it looked very nasty with dark carpet, and the counters in the kitchen was so sort that I almost asked the lady if this was for people in wheel chair or something. Dustin and I walked out of the place with two different perspectives, he thought "this is great! it's so close to work" and I was thinking "There is NO WAY we are going to move here." Afterwards Dustin and I talked and realized quickly we both had different opinions, and it was our best option so far, so I again I started crying, and crying, and crying. We went to check out other apartments because I really didn't want to go there, but we didn't find anything that worked better for us. So we went back there and started the paper work.
Saturday, went better, we did some shopping for stuff we needed in our apartment, we went to the Orlando Temple {which is very beautiful} and discovered that our chapel that we met in is across the street, I was feeling better about things.
Sunday was great, the gospel is awesome! We made instant friends at church and I was seeing more of the good side of Orlando.
Monday, we went and explored Orlando a little, and went down to some Disney World resorts and downtown Disney and had a lot of fun, than later we were able to move in our apartment, but luckily they didn't actually give us the one we saw they gave us one that was WAY NICER, the apartment was clean, with new carpet and the right size kitchen counters.
Now we are pretty much moved in, we don't have any furniture at the moment but we are working on that. I'm feeling much better about Orlando and our apartment. We are in a way good spot, Sea World is so close so I can take Thomas any time, Disney world and Universal are really close, we have 2 outlet malls, a regular mall, a super target, walmart, costco, samsclub all very close. So things are better and I will try and post pictures of our apartment as soon as we get everything figured out.


West Family said...

Moving can be so stressful! I am glad things are working out.

West Family said...

I forgot to mention that Ryan (sue) is probably transgender, not exactly the same as gay. Welcome to Florida! :)

Jamie Blake said...

I am glad things are all working out. Moving to a new place is always a little scary and stressful, but it'll all work out! :) It actually becomes refreshing being in a place that is so different than what you're used to. Remember, it's okay to cry! I've had a lots of good cries lately too! Love you guys lots!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a definite adventure Jess but I am glad you are getting acquainted with FLORIDA! Im sure the weather is flippin amazing!! Love you!