Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TaTter-TeLL TuESdAy!

I haven't been doing my tatter-tale Tuesdays the last couple weeks because of the move, I will try and do better in the future.
DUsTiN: Did you know that Dustin makes friends with anyone, he knows so many people and he just has a way with people. So many times I might meet up with him somewhere and he's talking to someone and I think it someone he knows really well and has a history with him, and later I find out he just met them right there. 
JEsSiCA:  I have mention this before, but I love Nutella, this past week I ate a whole jar pretty much to myself, it's so good. I try and not get it very often because I can't stop eating it when it's in the house.

ThOMaS: Thomas loves to eat! He's loving the baby food right now, and he gets upset when we are eating and he hasn't been fed yet. And when this little guy is hungry he let's you know. 

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