Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas was great this year! It just gets better and better each year. It's so fun to be a parent and watch your kids get all excited about Christmas, it's seriously the best and it brings back the magic. I was counting down with my kids and couldn't wait till Christmas day. It was so fun hearing the kids talk about their excitement to each other and singing Christmas songs together. I love it!
This year we were with Dustin's family, and one of their traditions is on Christmas Eve they have a program and Santa comes to deliver the pajamas. 
When Santa walked through the door my kids were super excited, and they couldn't wait till their turn to sit on his lap.
After we did Santa we did the Nativity. It was adorable, seeing kids dressed up and telling the story of Christ's birth never gets old. Oliver was a shepherd and Thomas was a wise man. Oliver was adorable and kept kissing the baby.
Then we had some musical numbers:
Then we all got into our Christmas pajamas.
After the program it was getting late so we took our kids home and put them to bed. Oliver and Peter were out before we got home and Thomas was pretending to be asleep but he was too excited for Christmas that it took him a while to finally fall asleep. Dustin and I were very excited to get Christmas out. Once Thomas finally fell asleep I was staging the presents (I know pathetic and sad but it's something I really like to do) and Dustin was putting all the Lego guys together while we were watching The Christmas Story, it was a fun night.
Christmas morning! The kids were so excited to see the presents. So Thomas asked for Colossus from Santa so I wanted to take that toy out of the package but Dustin said it would be fine, then on Christmas Thomas asked if I got it at the store and I said that Santa gave it to him and then he asked why it was still in the package then, ha ha smart kid, I'm not sure if we blew it this year.
Then after presents we headed to Dustin's parents' house and had Christmas breakfast and exchanged more gifts.
It was a fun day, and I'm so grateful that we get to celebrate this holiday because the Savior was born and that because of him I can be with my family forever.
And here's Peter playing with his Thomas the train later that day.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Peter @ 11 Months

It's crazy to think that this little guy will be one next month!

So what's our little Peter up to?

Well, he can say mom and more.

He likes to pick on Oliver once and while, which I think is good for Oliver.

He crawls super fast, there have been many times where I can't find him because he's slipped away when I'm not looking.

He can stand up all by himself but no steps yet.
He's a champ going up the stairs and I don't think it will take long for him to learn to go down the stairs.

The last few weeks, nights have gone so much better! Once he slept through the night, but now he will wake up one or two times at night. Which is way better than what we have done this past year, it used to be every two hours.

He loves pizza, spaghetti, mashed potatoes, and oranges, and has become a good little eater. 

He still loves to cuddle, which is my favorite. 

He loves to point at things.

He loves baths and balls. 

He doesn't like his diaper change or changing clothes. 

He's not a fan of his car seat. 

And he brings so much joy in our family.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Snap Shots

Trying to catch up on the blog..

Here are some snap shots before Christmas.
Peter one day got really into Rudolph, this kid is getting so big.
My three boys playing together, I love how close they are.
For Dustin's art classes he had them make sock monsters. Dustin did two at home for samples and it looked so fun, so I dedicated one night and made mine too, they are kinda cute in their own way. But our boys have loved them.
Oliver is my little helper. Any time he sees me clean or cook he asks if he can help. He helps me clean bathrooms, dust, and helps me make the beds. It seriously warms my heart.
The boys reading together. These kids are best friends.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Card 2015

It's a little late.... but we made it before Christmas!
This year has been a full and crazy year for the Clark family.
Our little Peter joined us this past January and was in the NICU for the first week but he is a strong healthy boy now. This makes Jessica greatly outnumbered but she still manages to add some feminine charm in the home.
Also this year we purchased our first house! It's been awesome not having neighbors below us, and having a backyard has made a world of a difference with three energetic boys.
This year is Dustin's first year teaching in high school and is enjoying the new age group and is excited to get his students ready for college.
Jessica continues growing her photography and illustration clientele while managing the boys and the house.
Thomas has grown so much this year. He loves to draw and is quite impressive, he's already trying to animate his characters and talks about drawing for movies when he's all grown up.
Oliver too has grown a lot this year. He also loves to draw, but painting is his thing. He is also Jessica's little helper, he volunteers to clean and cook every day, and has become a pro at making beds in the morning.
Peter is our Peter Pumpkin eater, Pete-pete, Baba, Peter-cotton-tail, and anything else we call him. He fits perfect in our little family that we can't remember what it was like without him.
It's been a good year for us, we are greatly blessed.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Festivities

I love traditions, especially during the holidays. 

During Christmas I try to take pictures with Santa, and lucky for us, usually our ward's have been doing Santa's. And last week we had a ward Christmas party and santa was there. Thomas and Oliver were so excited, Thomas even brought his drawing of the toy he wanted, but he got really shy and quite once he met Santa, and just stared at him, it reminded me of the Christmas story. 
Peter was a little nervous and did cry a little but that's what is to be expected.
Another tradition that is one of my favorites, is decorating gingerbread houses. The last two years I have made them from scratch, it's not so bad if you spread out the process and not try to do it all in one day. My inlaws were troops and made theirs from scratch too since I didn't want to do kits :)
Dustin's sister, Emily and her husband bought a bus and made it to a house this past year so their gingerbread house is a bus. And we were also lucky to have Dustin's two cousins come from Denver that weekend so they made one as well.
The finished gingerbread houses:
(Dustin and Thomas did one, and Oliver and I worked on one)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Snap Shots

Just some snap shots of the last few weeks. Sorry if this is a repeat between Facebook and instagram. Life is busy but it's fun and we are having a blast... for the most part.
Also most of these are from my new camera!!!
This is what my kids call skiing and sledding:

Thomas always has crazy bed hair.

Playing with my new camera.
Dustin is having his students make sock puppets in class, and Peter loves Dustin's sock puppet he made for an example.
Painting ornaments for Christmas presents one night.

Love this boy.
Thomas was getting Peter laughing so hard, I live for these moments.
Waiting for Santa to come by.