Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's Christmas Time!

I just love Christmas! And every year it gets harder and harder to wait to decorate for Christmas especially now that I have a house!

I used to be one of those people that waited till after Thanksgiving, but the last few years we have done it the week of Thanksgiving since Dustin is off for the week. 

This year we started decorating the Monday before, and didn't finish till Wednesday, because we ran out of lights again while putting them on the tree, we do this every year! Also this year we decided to do two trees, but what probably took the longest was deciding what ornaments I want on which tree, and I have figured I actually have enough ornaments for three trees, ha. 

It was is so fun seeing the kids get all excited. Peter took a nap during part of it, so when he woke up and saw all the lights he was so excited, it was adorable I never seen a child get so excited. So far he's been pretty good about the ornaments, there is just this one that I made that has needles and anytime I put it back on the tree he is after it, but the other ones he leaves alone, just the one that can be dangerous. 

The boys playing in the tree box.
Thomas was so good helping with the lights.
For the toy room tree I used ornaments my mom made years ago. I just love this tree for the sentimental reasons, and the ornaments are adorable.
It's so fun having our house all Christmas-y

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Brianna said...

WOW! It looks right out of a catalog!!!! I LOVE it all! You are an amazing decorator. You need to help me along!