Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Card 2015

It's a little late.... but we made it before Christmas!
This year has been a full and crazy year for the Clark family.
Our little Peter joined us this past January and was in the NICU for the first week but he is a strong healthy boy now. This makes Jessica greatly outnumbered but she still manages to add some feminine charm in the home.
Also this year we purchased our first house! It's been awesome not having neighbors below us, and having a backyard has made a world of a difference with three energetic boys.
This year is Dustin's first year teaching in high school and is enjoying the new age group and is excited to get his students ready for college.
Jessica continues growing her photography and illustration clientele while managing the boys and the house.
Thomas has grown so much this year. He loves to draw and is quite impressive, he's already trying to animate his characters and talks about drawing for movies when he's all grown up.
Oliver too has grown a lot this year. He also loves to draw, but painting is his thing. He is also Jessica's little helper, he volunteers to clean and cook every day, and has become a pro at making beds in the morning.
Peter is our Peter Pumpkin eater, Pete-pete, Baba, Peter-cotton-tail, and anything else we call him. He fits perfect in our little family that we can't remember what it was like without him.
It's been a good year for us, we are greatly blessed.

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