Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Been a Good Week!

These are just some pictures of my new hair color!

First thing I just want to say is that I have been truly blessed! This weekend I had so many people come and comforted me! Seriously, I didn't realize how lucky I was! So thanks to all my friends and family, you're truly blessings in my life.
This last weekend I colored my hair in dark brown with a red velvet tint to it! It's super fun, I like it, my mother on the other hand said: "You have a purple hair! Why would you ever want to do that!" I love her still!
Than this last week Dustin and I had a good chat, and we are back together! And wow! Did I miss that kid over the weekend!! We both agreed that was the longest weekend and life was just not the same!!!! It's amazing what communication can do! So that happened this Tuesday, so the week started of really good.
Than today I found something out that I have been dreaming about since I was a senior in high school and it was my goal ever since I heard about it! I made it the BFA Art Program!!!!!!! I'm so excited!! I have been working really hard to get in this program and I was way nervous to turn my portfolio in because I barely made the cut off line credit wise and I knew that I was competing with some really good juniors and seniors! But Brother Huntsman (my favorite art teacher in the whole wide world) gave me the thumbs up, and said "shhh" because technically I'm not so post to know until a week or so! It's pays to be the art secretary!
So life can get any better than this!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

When Life brings you lemons, you make Lemonade

So life goes up and down, I have learned that through out my life especially the last 2 years! There are times when life seems like nothing can go wrong and you have everything figured out, than there are times where you feel like nothing will never go right!
So there have been some bitter times in my life and some trials I have had to go through. And there are times when I handle the situations not well and other times I handle them better. But the last 6 months I have come to realize that your trials can become your sweetest moments in your life.  
About 8 months ago I went through something that I wasn't sure how I was going to make it, than I came to the conclusion that this trial was either going to break me or make me, and I decided to let it make me, and I never been so blessed in my life. I decided to not focus on my problems but to listen to others and help them with their trials and try to be everyone's best friend, and it's made the hugest difference in my life because I have discovered some amazing friends. Later I slowly came to realize that I couldn't be happier, and that you can conquer anything when you're close to the Lord and when you serve others.
Well now I'm back to similar experience that I was in 8 months ago, and what's interesting is sometimes when you're at your lowest you start to see the blessings that you have surrounding you. For example my parents and my friends, they are amazing, they are already helping me through this trial.  And since I have gone through this before I know that I can make it, but this time I have been blessed even more and I'm anticipating what will I learn through this trial, and anxious to see what I can be because of it. 
So what do you do when life gives you lemons? You make Lemonade!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This is the note that Dustin gave me, well it's the sketch. He finished it on photo shop but it wouldn't print out so he gave this to me instead! And I love it!!!! It's a picture of the two characters in WALL-E, that's the first movie we saw on our first date! When he first gave it to me I couldn't help but smile!
These are SOME of the 20 balloons that Dustin gave me!!!!

I woke up in the morning with pink gerber daisies! Which are my FAVORITE!
Well, yesterday was my 20th birthday! And it was the best yet!!!! Dustin spoiled me like crazy! I don't know how I got so lucky to be with him! I mean he blew me away!!! 
First thing, I woke up with a text from him saying: "happy birthday beautiful!" Than I walk in the bathroom to get ready and there were these most gorgeous flowers that I have seen! It was an arrangement of different pink gerber daisies!!!!!!! 
Than it gets better...... I go to work that afternoon and there are 20 balloons! I mean 20!!!! They were almost dominating the whole office! And the balloons were in cute bright colors. Also there were a bag of Skittles and Sweedish Fish (which are my favorite!) I couldn't believe it! I couldn't help but have a smile on my face the whole time I was working!!!! 
Than that night he took me out, not telling me what we were doing!!!! And the whole time he was driving to our destination he was saying how lucky he was to be with me!!! But really I'm the lucky one! Well.... he took me to Olive Garden, which is my favorite, than we had Italian Cream Sodas, again my favorite!  And a very delicious dinner! Afterwards we went to Barnes and Noble, you guess it.... it's my favorite store! And we sat there reading all these picture books of places I want to go because I love traveling!!!!!!! Than we ended the night just talking!!!!! How amazing is that!!! I can't express how much all those little acts mean to me! I'm seriously a lucky girl, dating an amazing guy, I have amazing friends and family! It doesn't get better than this!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So those who know me very well.... a.k.a people that worked at Porter's, knew that I loved those loud clunky shoes, that were illegal to wear at Porter's but I did it anyway. Well I have let them expired.... I know, I know. It was hard.
But for a side note for those who might not know what I'm talking about, there were these shoes that I just LOVED! I mean I have had them for 6  years and the last two years I just loved them even more, I would wear them EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! They were sooo comfortable.... I think they slowly formed into my feet. Anyway.... the thing about these shoes they made me walk really loud... people at Porter's would make fun of me because of it, you could hear me all over the store with the "clunk-e clunk" all through the store. But I just loved these shoes, that even when the sole was pulling apart I super glued them TWICE! That stuff is amazing by the way! 
Recently my foot started hurting really bad and later I found out it was because of my shoes! I was horrified! Than I realized that I didn't have too many shoes in my closet because I pretty much threw them away except slippers and flip flops so I broke down and bought some shoes. Again, for those that know me, I love BIG CLUNKY shoes, but I decided to try some flats! This is a big step for me... but I think I will end up liking it, but now I walk quiet! It's weird.... so now you will never know when I'm coming!