Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So those who know me very well.... a.k.a people that worked at Porter's, knew that I loved those loud clunky shoes, that were illegal to wear at Porter's but I did it anyway. Well I have let them expired.... I know, I know. It was hard.
But for a side note for those who might not know what I'm talking about, there were these shoes that I just LOVED! I mean I have had them for 6  years and the last two years I just loved them even more, I would wear them EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! They were sooo comfortable.... I think they slowly formed into my feet. Anyway.... the thing about these shoes they made me walk really loud... people at Porter's would make fun of me because of it, you could hear me all over the store with the "clunk-e clunk" all through the store. But I just loved these shoes, that even when the sole was pulling apart I super glued them TWICE! That stuff is amazing by the way! 
Recently my foot started hurting really bad and later I found out it was because of my shoes! I was horrified! Than I realized that I didn't have too many shoes in my closet because I pretty much threw them away except slippers and flip flops so I broke down and bought some shoes. Again, for those that know me, I love BIG CLUNKY shoes, but I decided to try some flats! This is a big step for me... but I think I will end up liking it, but now I walk quiet! It's weird.... so now you will never know when I'm coming!


Charles and Nancy said...

Sad...those shoes were so sweet! I like your new choices though. I hope you enjoy your new shoes.

Celia said...

Hi jessica! I do remember your noise shoes:) I am glad to see that you are doing great with new things in your life other than the shoes! :)

Lesli said...

ha ha that rocks! I just love the part about it being not allowed but you did it anyways. I am super excited for the shower! Hopefully see you soon!