Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Little Surprise!

Painting Dustin did of us, it's not done but I still like it.

About two months ago I wasn't feeling very well and I was wondering if I was coming down with something, but all I knew was that I was very tired and couldn't get enough sleep. Than an idea came to my head, "Am I pregnant?" and right away I was thinking no way but I wanted to ease my mind, so poor Dustin had to go to the store with me to get a pregnancy test because I just wanted to know instead of guessing, but I made him go and pick it up himself while I hid in the other isle, because since I'm from Rexburg and I know everyone I didn't rumors to spread, especially if I wasn't. Than we went home, I really was thinking that it was going to be a negative but again I just wanted to know. I took the test I watched it to see the result and right before my eyes it said I was pregnant! Emotions flooded over me and I didn't know what to think but once it sunk in I couldn't be more happy about this. So yep, I'm PREGNANT!
Just last week I went to my first ultra sound, and can I say, it is so amazing to see your baby and to see it move it is one of the most exciting things that has happened in my life! I have been having a blast reading about all that is happening with my baby and all I can say, it really is a miracle!
It's funny how to Lord will answer our prayers. Since Dustin and I have been married ( I know whole four months we were quick) we prayed to know when to start a family, and one week I was in the temple and I came with that question in my mind, and later that week I found I was pregnant, the Lord answers our prayers but sometimes it's not the way we expect.
Well, I'm a little over ten weeks along and my due date is November 16. Dustin and I are doing very well, Dustin started a new semester this last week, and I'm working at Porter's again and taking one class and we been having a great time being married.
Also, on the funny side, right as we found we were pregnant I put a pregnancy counter on the bottom of our blog to see if anyone would catch it and the only person that did was Nancy Tietjen so she found out a little earlier!