Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oliver @ 6 Months

Well those 6 months went by fast!

Oliver is such a delight, and makes all of us laugh a lot. He such a happy baby and gives you the warmest smiles. He's Mr. Social and loves the attention. He's a big momma's boy but loves his time with dad too. He loves Thomas and loves to wrestle with him. He's my cuddly baby and I love it. He also loves giving slobbery kisses. He's also adventurous and doesn't get scared too easy.

He is so close to crawling, but he can get to anything he wants by squirming or rolling over, whatever it is, he is determined to get it. He loves swimming, taking baths, and going to SeaWorld.

We started baby food this week and he's still not sure about it, but so far he likes the banana baby food the best. Also his two bottom teeth are coming in.

We love you Oliver! Thanks for always bringing a smile on my face.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Where Happiness is

Yesterday as a family we decided to head to the San Antonio temple before we move.
Last Sunday Dustin and I spoke in sacrament about the blessings of temples so we thought it would be a great family outing one Sunday, and yesterday worked out well. 

This last week the kids have had some nasty colds so we just went to sacrament yesterday and didn't take Thomas to nursery because we didn't want to pass the germs. He was a little put out since he LOVES nursery, hopefully he will like primary just as much, since he will be in primary next year - I still can't wrap my brain on that one, I shouldn't have a kid that old.

ANYWAY, so we decided to head to the temple.

 And we broke a few rules in the process...

As we were driving when we realized we were low in gas, so we stopped to get gas, which we try not to do on a Sunday. Than Dustin was eating Dorritos on the way and got some chips stuck in his throat so we ended up in the McDonald's drive-thru to get some waters... than the Temple grounds and parking were closed so we ended up parking in a dead end road that had a sign "Don't Park" and walked around the fence when we saw a spot where we could sneak in so we did, and walked in the grounds when they were closed. So we laughed about all the rule breaking to get to the temple, and that it was a little ironic.

Thomas loved it and was excited to see the temple and to see Moroni on top and pretended to be Nephi as we were walking around. Nephi is one of his favorite Book of Mormon heroes. 

The temple was gorgeous and it was a wonderful time with my family! I'm so grateful for temples and this Gospel, and I'm grateful that Dustin and I are married and sealed so we can be a family for eternity!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

So Close...

Oliver is getting so close to crawling! 
I can't believe he's growing so fast, and today I saw that his bottom teeth are coming in!-Which explains the late nights and him wanting extra cuddling. My baby is not going to be a baby that much longer!

Than he got a little tired and wanted to be picked up.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Busy Week with Both Families Visiting

This week was a little crazy but a lot of fun!
Last Sunday, Dustin's sister, Crystal and her family and Matthew came to visit. I feel bad that I only have this picture of them, but we were always on the go and having fun that there wasn't that much time. It was so much fun going to SeaWorld and Aquatica for three days with them, and Dustin and I got to ride some slides together! And Thomas loved having his cousins over, especially Matthew, he keeps talking about them.
So they left Wednesday, than my brother, Michael and his family arrived Thursday night. Friday we spent all day at SeaWorld, sorry no pictures I was a slacker this week, but we had a lot of fun, and the kids slept good that night.
Saturday morning we went to downtown San Antonio to see the River Walk, which is my favorite thing in San Antonio it is so BEAUTIFUL! We also checked out the Alamo and an old cathedral. Than hung out at the pool rest of the day. Than Sunday they left early in the morning, Thomas was really sad when they left, but he was pretty excited to get his room back, I guess his superhero room is cooler than our bedroom.
So it was a crazy week but it was so much fun!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Some Great News and The Largest Donut in Texas

Earlier this week Dustin headed to the Dallas area for some job interviews and took Thomas with him since they were going to stay with Dustin's parents and some of Thomas' cousins were up there; so we figured he would have more fun up there, and it would give me a chance to work on my art while Oliver took his naps. Even though I missed Dustin and Thomas it was fun to have one-on-one time with Oliver. And it was kinda nice having just a baby to look after, just think that used to seem a lot of work taking care of one baby but now that's almost a break to me!

So Oliver and I got to hang out together and he was a great helper while I was folding laundry:
On his way back from Dallas, Dustin stopped at Round Rock to get one of Texas' biggest donuts! I heard about these donuts and have been wanting to get one but when we went last time it was closed for the day (they close at 4) so I asked Dustin to stop by there because I wanted to try these famous donuts. 

And it was way good! It doesn't look good, but it was delicious and it was huge! We took a picture of it by Oliver trying to show how big it was. 

And I might have ate half of it in one setting...
And some good news...
Dustin got a job!!! We have known for about a week now but it's technically not official till Monday so he wanted me to keep it on a down low, so I probably shouldn't put it on here but I'm guessing not too many people read my blog anyway. It was his first interview and all! Before he left here he had about 2 interviews set up and was trying to get some more while he was there, and he got a call from one of the principles in the town we lived in before we moved here, in San Antonio, and asked if she could see him before his other interviews and when he got there she told him he can have the art teacher job if he wanted it! So he took it and canceled his other appointments! We are very excited! It's a great town and we are close to family. 
We feel greatly blessed because it's perfect for us at this time of our lives, and many people told us that we probably wouldn't know where we were going until August so we thought we were going to do interview after interview for this next month, but now we have a job, so we will stay here in San Antonio till end of this month than move back! And hopefully this will be a last move for a little while, it will be our third move within a year!

Anyway, feeling greatly blessed!