Friday, July 5, 2013

Figure Drawing Homework

I mentioned before that I was taking an art class, so I thought I would show you some of my homework for those who are interest, so probably no one ha ha. 

Anyway, the class has been awesome! It has attacked some of my weak points in my drawing. And there have been times I got frustrated and had to work my brain a little because this class is teaching me how to see the human body in a different way than I am used to. It's not about the anatomy and trying to represent it exactly, it's more about the mood, feeling, and the story and how to push the pose to communicate those things. 

I would say figure and head drawing is one of my strengths, many of my college professors told me that, but I feel like this class is pushing me to whole different level and I'm excited! This is one of the reasons I love art, you are always improving!

Anyway, here are some samples of my homework, this about a fourth of how many drawings I have done the last 2 weeks but this will give you an idea what the class is like. 

So every week a new lesson comes on the website and I watch about an hour lecture and watch the teacher draw from a "life model". Than so far our assignments have been 30 second poses for 20 minutes from a "life model" than 2 hour life drawings, where I have to go somewhere and basically people watch and draw them. Than we have to look at pictures or paintings and draw the poses. After that we turn it in, than my teacher sends me a video of his critique on my artwork and he draws over my stuff and shows me how I can do better! How awesome is that? So I have one-on-one lesson with a Pixar guy teaching me what they teach the workers there! It's FANTASTIC!

So this first picture is first week where we could only use line to show the movement or gesture, I didn't put too many up from the first lesson on here because it was a bunch of lines, so sorta boring to look at.
The Second week was shape, where we had to draw the shape and than draw over it. It was to help us simplify and to push it more. This week I was struggling at first, it probably sounds crazy but drawing simple shapes and pushing it was hard at first but I felt like I was starting to get it, that I re-drew some of the poses again to see if I could push it even more. 

Here are some life sketches I did when we were in SeaWorld the other day, since people move a lot most of these are ten seconds or less.
Some shape exercises using Norman Rockwell paintings as reference.
It's been fun having homework and learning once again. And I've forgotten how much I love to draw, especially the human body.

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