Wednesday, July 26, 2017

West Family Reunion in DC

Last week I had my family reunion at Washington DC. We almost didn't go because this has been an expensive year for us; but luckily I got a few art commissions that paid for the trip.
We started our long drive the Friday before the reunion started.
The reunion officially started Sunday night where we ate at my sister's house. So I was really horrible taking pictures of us hanging out, having four kids is no joke, so most of the time I was in survival mode and didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked. But before we headed to my sister's we took the kids to see the temple.
Monday we walked around DC and saw all the monuments. Thomas is really into the presidents right now so he was excited and actually appreciate everything we were seeing, Oliver just wanted to go back to the hotel, it was very hot.
Tuesday several of us did different things, we decided to take it easy and went to see the Jefferson memorial since we didn't the day before. Then that evening my sister-in-law threw a pretty epic party, which I'm bummed I have no pictures. There was sno-cones, zip-line, slip-n-slide, lazer tag, fireworks, and I did face painting for the little kids. My kids had a blast that night.
Wednesday we went to the Baltimore aquarium, I think Baltimore is always fun to see. Then Later we met at the park and the kids had a water fight. 
Thursday the reunion was over but we took the kids to the Natural History museum. 
The reunion was a blast and Washington DC is one of my favorite places so I'm so glad my kids got to go.