Thursday, July 30, 2009

The last little bit.....

Well school is finally over and surprisingly  Dustin and I got good grades since people always say that the semester that your engaged you get bad grades.  This last week has been really nice not having homework, I have been going to school straight since last July so I was a little burned out.
The sad thing about having school out is that Dustin had to leave. He left this morning so we said our goodbyes last night and it was super hard and I definitely didn't like it. But this morning I thought I was the "sweet" one when I put sticky notes on his car saying how much I love him and miss him; than I go to my car this morning and there is a rose, snickers, powerade, and some funky cups that I have wanted for the last month or so, and this funny, hideous painting that he did of us! I couldn't help but laugh and cry! He means the world to me and he always does so much for me and I'm going to really miss him. 

But some good news we finally set a date for the wedding! It's going to be December 22 at the Salt Lake Temple! I'm super excited because the Salt Lake temple is my favorite temple and I always wanted to get married there, also it will be gorgeous with the snow and Christmas lights. Now it's just a matter of getting ready and counting down. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Final Cake!

This is my final cake that I did in my cake decorating class, it was fun to make but very hard at the same time. I wished I took pictures earlier because the cake started to sink in because my people were heavy on the cake. Cake decorating class was fun but I'm glad that it's done. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

This Fourth of July Weekend was super fun!  I was able to meet my in-laws for the first time and I had a blast! I'm very lucky to  have good in-laws! And now I have younger siblings, so I'm way excited about that!
Dustin and I went down to Logan, Utah on Friday and got the opportunity to meet some uncles and aunts and his grandparents. Than Saturday we went to Malad, Idaho (my first time there, I didn't know there was anything in Malad) and we went to the parade and I finally meet Dustin's family, and I love them to pieces!!!! Than we went to the park and played games and eat!! 
The following day we celebrated his Grandmother's 70th birthday and that was loads of fun as well.
I had a lot of fun over the weekend that it was hard to return to school. 

Dustin and I at the parade, it was really bright and sunny! Also we have matching shirts with everyone in the family which helped a lot because it helped me know who belonged in the family!

Cake Decorating

This semester I'm taking a cake decorating class, and it's a fun class I just never have time to work on my cakes so they always turn out  bad. Here is a cake that I did the other day. This cake was really rushed because I had a friend that accidently took all my cake supplies and  I didn't see her for a whole week, that I didn't get my stuff until the night before so I spent late hours on it, and when it's three in the morning you don't really care what the cakes looks like.

Than another time we had to make cookies and give them to people so Dustin and I made some sugar cookies to give to his roommates... and I think we ate most of them.