Sunday, September 28, 2014

Apple Picking

Yesterday we went apple picking....well, actually we didn't... There were no more apples left about time we got there. 
So I had this great idea to take the kids to an apple orchard to pick some apples. Well there are like zero orchards around us, the closest one I found was an hour away from us, and I decided to follow them on Facebook to know a good time to pick some apples; to make a long story short, this orchard is really small and it was only open last weekend and this past weekend, and every one had the same idea I did, so when we got there it was very crowded and no good apples left. To be honest I was a little disappointed, I was hoping to get a lot of apples, but the boys had fun throwing the bad apples around and they didn't know the difference, so I guess it was a success in their eyes. We did buy home made apple cake and apple butter so we didn't come home completely empty handed, but I now know, that if we do decide to do this again next year, that we will go first weekend and the first opening hour.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

All Boys

Most of you probably already know we are having another BOY!!!
I found out for sure when I was 16 weeks along, but we suspected he was a boy since my first sonogram at 12 weeks, my boys are never shy.
When I had my 20 week check up a couple of weeks ago the lady asked if I wanted to know the gender, and I told her we had confirmed it was a boy twice now and she said "Well let's check anyway, since it was before 20 weeks." and again, we could see it was a boy. So that's three times, so I think it's safe to say it's a boy.

So many people think I'm sad because it's another boy, but honestly I'm not. They say they are sorry and I'm thinking why? I have a healthy baby and that's what is most important to me. Yes, I would like to have a girl, but at the same time I have had a feeling for a while that I might have all boys and so far I have been right. Also each time I find out I'm having a boy I'm less sad it isn't a girl. With Thomas, I thought for sure he was a girl, I had dreams about a girl... and I thought I "knew" so when I first heard he was a boy I was a little sad, but I got over that pretty quick especially after meeting him for the first time, and I love my Thomas. With Oliver I was good either way, I thought it would be fun to have both, but I knew that with two boys they would be buddies, and they are! They are so fun to watch and I wouldn't have it any other way. With this third baby, I thought it would be nice for a girl this time, because we are thinking we will have 4 kids so I thought it would be nice to have two boys then two girls, but at the same time I have had a feeling I'm going to be a boy mom, so when I heard it was another boy it really didn't surprised me, the only thing I was thinking "Man, I can't settle on just one boy name, I have too many that I like."

So it's a boy!

I wanted to announce it over a month ago but I just couldn't think of a fun way to announce it that hasn't been done before. And now a month has passed and I have told most people so I decided to wait till we picked out a name, which has been hard, there are too many cute boy names.  And even now we aren't 100%. I get to decide the name, Dustin will put his two cents in, but since he got to name Thomas he said every other kid I get to pick, which has been nice but I'm so indecisive.
I go a little crazy when I pick names, I write them down, I put the middle names with it, I write the initials to see what it will look like. I write the name with the other boys' names to see if it looks good with the other names, I look up the meaning of the name, I like the name to have some significance so it has more meaning to me, I say the name to people to see how they react to the name-do they miss pronounce it? Do they think it's weird? Do they mistaken it with another name? Because that's what my kid is going to go through, and etc... Am I the only one that does this?

So as of right now, it might change, it's not set in stone for me until I see the little one, but we are thinking:

Peter William Clark

Now why Peter William? For some reason with this baby I wanted to use a name from a book that I love. I had one specific girl name picked out from one of my favorite books, and had about 5 boy names from 5 different books, so it was hard to just pick one!
I actually really love the name Hareton from Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte but that name is always mistaken for Harrison or people give me a weird look so I took that out pretty quick even though I LOVE IT!

Peter came from Peter Pan, I love the book Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. And while I was debating if it was time for baby #3 the boys were really into the Disney movie Peter Pan. We watched it a lot and we would watch anything related to the story, we watched Jake the Neverland Pirates, Hook, and any Tinkerbell movie. Also during this time I was commissioned to do a Peter Pan painting, so that name just kinda stuck out for me.

William was also on the list of names, and while I was playing with names I came up with Peter William, and not too long after that I talked to my mom and I mentioned the names I was thinking and she told me that  I had an ancestor named Peter William which I thought was pretty cool. Then couple of weeks ago I was on family search to print off names for temple work when I decided to see if I could find this Peter William, it took me a while because his actual name was Petrus Wilhelmus DeHart because he was originally from Holland but when he joined the church and moved here he changed it to Peter William. So he was my mother's father's father, so my great-grandfather, and he was the first to join the church in the DeHart line. So I thought that was cool, and I've started reading his autobiography, but I haven't finished it yet, but it made me really like the name.
It also helps that Thomas keeps telling me he loves the name Peter.

So as of now, that's the name we are thinking but I'm not making anything that says Peter on it just yet, but as it gets closer to the due date the more I like the name.

Also I think Thomas, Oliver, and Peter sound cute together.

I'm getting quite out numbered here in this family.

And one more thing, I think it's funny when people say "Well you won't have to pay for weddings!" and my response is; "No, just $30,000 worth of missions!" boys are expensive too! ;)

I'm going to have one missionary out after another, 6 years straight with a boy out on a mission. I don't know how my heart is going to handle it. Just thinking about it makes my heart hurt a little.

Friday, September 5, 2014

"Mommy, I want to take a picture of you."

-I promise I do comb his hair everyday, just never when I take pictures.