Monday, October 31, 2011

Rexburg Visit

The last ten days I was able to go to Idaho and visit my family and friends, and had a blast! It was so good to come home to good old Rexburg water, Dustin teases me about it, but I think Rexburg has the best water. Seeing my parents was so good since it's been a while, so it was fun to hang out and talk like the good days when I was living in Rexburg. Surprisingly, I didn't freeze over there, but it is a lot colder than Florida.
While I was in Rexburg I got to see many good friends. I got to hang out with childhood friend Sara almost everyday, I felt like I was ten again going to her house and hanging out, it was so much fun. And this last Saturday I had lunch with more childhood friends, Sara, Michelle, and Kylie, I love how even though we don't to see each other for a long time we still can talk like we have never been apart.
I also got to hang out with Aubrey, and again, she is an awesome friend, it was so much fun talking to her and laughing our heads off. I also got to see some couple friends, {the Dyers and Christiansens}that Dustin and I used to hang out with when we were going to school.
Than this last weekend most of my sisters got to come up from and we hung out all day. I love my family, that's probably the hardest thing about living in Florida is we are not near to any family.
I had so much fun, and I was glad that Thomas got to have time with my parents! And now I'm home and life is going to be busy and crazy the next few months.

* Side note: I have been trying to be better about scrapbooking, so to hit two birds with one stone, I might start posting my pictures in a scrapbook format, this way I will hopefully get more pages done!!! I have been doing my scrapbooking digitally because it's so much easier, cheaper, cuter, and everything else. The paper I used for this page are from my sister-in-law, Crystal Wilkerson, who is AMAZING!!! I love her stuff, she designs the cutest scrapbook stuff, you should check out her website HERE. and her blog is HERE

Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's getting to be the busy season!

Starting October things seem to get a little busy with our family between all the holidays, birthdays, traveling, and family visiting, that I have a lot to blog about just this week and I feel like it's going to be like that till Christmas, because we have a lot of fun things going on with our family. 
To start off, Dustin's birthday was this last Monday and he turned big 28!!! I married an old man, ha ha jk! 

I love this man to pieces! It's hard not to spoil him when it comes to his birthday. This year he didn't get a whole lot presents because he decided he wanted to go to a caricature convention next month for a week, but I did get him a caricature book from one of his favorite artists, the new X-men movie ( I let him open that early), and Cloudy with a Chance with Meatballs. After he worked we spend the rest of the night with our good friends the Williams and had Four Rivers BBQ for dinner, which was so good, and a pie from ColdStone. So I didn't have to make anything I just got to enjoy it! So this birthday was a success!

Also this week, Thomas and I got to go to Universal Studios again with the Williams which was also really fun. Brie & I got to ride a lot of fun roller-coasters like the Rock-N-Roll, and the Mummy, poor Adam was stuck watching all three kids while we did all the fun things. Than later that night Dustin, Thomas, & I went to Sea World's Spooktacular weekend. It's so much fun going trick or treating with your kid, especially when your kid is too young to eat the candy, so you are the one that gets it, and let's just say we scored with the candy at Sea World!
Our cute little monkey!

Dustin's nasty mustache ( I just need to wait till Halloween and it will be gone) Also love how Thomas is wearing half of his costume.

And some exciting things that are coming up in the next little while: Thomas and I are going to be in Idaho this Tuesday for ten days! Then of course Halloween, Thomas' first birthday is coming after that in November. Also in November Dustin will be going to the caricature convention, and my sister and brother and his family are coming up here in Orlando, so we will be hitting a lot of the major parks.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Eleven Months!

This past Friday Thomas turned 11 months!!! I will have a year old next month! I feel like I'm not old enough to have a kid in the first place, but a 1 year-old? He won't be a baby anymore!
So at eleven months Thomas is still doing his army crawl, he can crawl a little but the other way is faster so he sticks to it. He loves when Dustin and I copy him and make the same sounds as him. He loves to smack his lips, shake his head as if saying "no", he will give you a high five, and he's starting to wave hi, but only to Dustin and me right now. He's at that stage where he doesn't like if one of us ever leaves the apartment without him, and he only allows some people to hold him without crying. He also loves the rain, he doesn't mind getting wet at all as long as he is outside. And he has 7 teeth now!!!

He is  a great blessing in our lives!

Also he's getting harder and harder to photograph and take good pictures because he doesn't hold still anymore, he's always on the move!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Disney World

This last week we were able to go to Disney World and AGAIN we weren't able to take any pictures. The first time we went to Disney we both thought the other person brought the camera, and this time I got everything ready, the batteries, I emptied our memory card, BUT left it by our computer! I was so SAD, because we keep not getting pictures of Disney.
This last week we went to Epcot  (the park with the big golf ball) for their Food and Wine Festival with the Lindsey's, and don't worry we just tried the food not the wine ;) It was a lot of fun because they had a lot of different food from all different countries. We also tried different sodas from different countries, most of them tasted like coke, which isn't my favorite, but there was one that i really liked that tasted like a snow cone flavor. We were also able to ride some of the rides they had there, and most of them we could take Thomas. and overall he liked him, and first he wasn't sure, but in the end he liked it.
I was really glad that we got to go to Epcot because that was the only park I hadn't seen yet, so now that I've seen all the Disney parks I would have to say my favorite are Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios but I like them all in their own little way.
This November my brother and my sister-in-law are coming to visit, and I'm super excited! We are planning on taking them to all the major theme parks so when we go to Disney I will MAKE SURE to have a camera with a memory card!!!