Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's getting to be the busy season!

Starting October things seem to get a little busy with our family between all the holidays, birthdays, traveling, and family visiting, that I have a lot to blog about just this week and I feel like it's going to be like that till Christmas, because we have a lot of fun things going on with our family. 
To start off, Dustin's birthday was this last Monday and he turned big 28!!! I married an old man, ha ha jk! 

I love this man to pieces! It's hard not to spoil him when it comes to his birthday. This year he didn't get a whole lot presents because he decided he wanted to go to a caricature convention next month for a week, but I did get him a caricature book from one of his favorite artists, the new X-men movie ( I let him open that early), and Cloudy with a Chance with Meatballs. After he worked we spend the rest of the night with our good friends the Williams and had Four Rivers BBQ for dinner, which was so good, and a pie from ColdStone. So I didn't have to make anything I just got to enjoy it! So this birthday was a success!

Also this week, Thomas and I got to go to Universal Studios again with the Williams which was also really fun. Brie & I got to ride a lot of fun roller-coasters like the Rock-N-Roll, and the Mummy, poor Adam was stuck watching all three kids while we did all the fun things. Than later that night Dustin, Thomas, & I went to Sea World's Spooktacular weekend. It's so much fun going trick or treating with your kid, especially when your kid is too young to eat the candy, so you are the one that gets it, and let's just say we scored with the candy at Sea World!
Our cute little monkey!

Dustin's nasty mustache ( I just need to wait till Halloween and it will be gone) Also love how Thomas is wearing half of his costume.

And some exciting things that are coming up in the next little while: Thomas and I are going to be in Idaho this Tuesday for ten days! Then of course Halloween, Thomas' first birthday is coming after that in November. Also in November Dustin will be going to the caricature convention, and my sister and brother and his family are coming up here in Orlando, so we will be hitting a lot of the major parks.

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Cammie said...

Looks like you guys are having tons of fun in Florida! We miss you all and hope you are loving it! Love, The Nicholls