Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thomas is Seven!

 I can't believe Thomas is 7! 
There is no one like our Thomas, life is just better with him around, he is definitely a light in this world. He is such a cool kid sometimes I feel like he’s an adult in a kid’s body. He doesn’t care what people think about him, he’s fine doing his own thing but is a friend to all. He always wants to do the right thing. He’s a homebody and loves when we are hanging out at home as a family. This kid is going to be an awesome artist, he designed his own birthday cake, he drew it all out for me he not only draws but he writes books and animates movies.  When he watches a movie he will pause it and analyze everything to see how it works, it’s awesome and annoying, just watch the dang movie!  but I know he’s studying it so I let him. Well, I could go on but I’m so glad the Lord trusted me to raise this special boy who made me Mom. 

Elizabeth at 7 Months

Miss Elizabeth is 7 months! And she is a doll, and we all just adore her. She has been saying "mom" for a while now, and I think she said hi the other day. She finally has a nap schedule, not sure why it took so long and is sleeping better at night, there was month there we weren't getting any sleep.
She loves to eat, but LOVES taco soup! ha ha.
She now has two bottom teeth and army crawls super fast. She adds just right amount of sweetness to our family.

Halloween Activities

About over a month ago we took the kids to a pumpkin patch. Thomas was there, he just refused to take pictures.

My kids love decorating sugar cookies, well, the older two; Peter just ate any cookie in front of him he didn't care if it had frosting or not.
I took the younger kids to the library trick or treat and they had a professional photographer there. I think this picture is the cutest thing ever, I was so mad I forgot Lizzy's BB8 head band.

Us at the ward party. It was crazy because the weather was "cold", gotta love Texans, we did our trunk or treat in the building and it was a mad house.

Trick or treating!

And some random pictures of Elizabeth because she is adorable in her clothes.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Family Pictures

Our Pictures this year:

Elizabeth @ 6 Months

Elizabeth has brought our family so much joy. She is just the sweetest thing, and our little chuncker and we love it! She is 18lbs already, she's catching up to Peter ha ha! It's kinda nice not having your kid be in the 3 percentile on weight.
She is mobile, so she is army crawling and is getting quite good at it. Pretty sure she says mom now, she says it when she sees me or wants me, it's more like mommmmommmom.  She loves baths, playing in the toy room, listening to Dustin play to guitar.
We just love her!

Pumpkin Village

A few weeks ago (Ugh!! so behind) a friend invited us to go to the Dallas Aboretum to see the Pumpkin village. It was a lot of fun, one of my favorite times to go there. The kids had fun and there was free face painting, but for some reason Oliver didn't want his face painted.
The theme this year is Wizard of Oz, which I thought was pretty cute.

We love this time of year!