Sunday, September 10, 2017

Elizabeth at 5 Months

Out of all the nick names you could use for Elizabeth, that's the one everyone in the house uses but me, I blame Dustin ;)
Sweet Elizabeth is five months now, and I would say she is pretty mobile, she can't crawl, but she can scoot a few inches in any direction, and if something is far away she rolls over to get there. She is one smart kid, and loves to be where the party is. She still isn't good with naps, we have a loose schedule still. My kids just don't sleep, it's a curse we seem to have; and she doesn't like to be put down for very long so I almost get nothing done during the day, it's a good thing she is cute.
She's been our biggest baby so far, and she has the best baby rolls and I'm enjoying them! So loves her blankets and her toes and her sweet spirit just adds so much to our family.

Crazy, Busy Year

Two weeks ago Dustin started teaching school and he also started working on his master's. And for some reason my art and photography have picked up, so we will be relying a lot on the Lord this year.

I'm so proud of Dustin, I know this is going to be a very hard year for our family and to be honest on our relationship. Dustin's program is a year program so it's pretty intense, it's twenty hours a week, plus working full time as a teacher, as well as being a father and husband. Week nights and Saturdays are dedicated to his master's, I'm trying to be supportive since I'm the one that pushed him to do it so I try not to complain when he can't help out as much, but I'm gonna be honest it's hard trying to do my commissions while having young ones. I'm hoping my work slows down in the next month or two.  I feel like I can't complain too much when I see what's going on around the world, we are truly blessed. 
And of course, cute pictures of my kids!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Just Me & Three Kiddos

Thomas started school two weeks ago, and Dustin started about a week and a half ago (but his official first day of school is tomorrow), so it's just me and the younger three kids at home. It's always an adjustment that first week Dustin goes back to school, and now Thomas. Both make my life easier, Dustin helps out with the kids, and Thomas is also my little helper and helps entertain the other kids. So I don't know why I decided to start pre-school our first day without them ha ha, but we did and Oliver is really liking it. He doesn't know his letters as well as I would like, which is my fault since last year being pregnant I was kinda lazy in that area, but I feel like he will be ready to go for Kindergarten next year. I was debating to put him in Pre-k this year since, to be honest, last year we were going through the terrible 3's and it was hard on me, but I decided to keep him home one more and I'm so glad. Ever since he turned the magic #4 he has been pretty awesome, and I think this year he realizes he's "the big brother" so he's actually been really sweet and has been an awesome helper.

Now this kid has the terrible 2's, just when Oliver gave up his terrible 3's. I think this week has been hard for him having Dustin gone and now he has less attention from a parent, so we got lot of to figure out this year. He is a really smart kid, but can be a trouble maker too, but I think that's more his age, at least I hope it is....

The kids love the toy room, especially Elizabeth this past two weeks. I will be sad when we will have to convert this room to a bedroom but I'm postponing that as long as I can, even though I know it could make a very cute little girl room.

And so more pictures...

This is going to be a crazy and busy year this year, one that I think we will have to rely on the Lord for his help more than usual, more on that later.

Thomas starts First Grade

I can't believe I have a first grader! It's going by too fast. Thomas has liked his two weeks so far, he has one friend in there that lives up the street from us which I like, but to be honest I'm not sure if I love his teacher. I will admit we were spoiled last year with Thomas' kindergarten teacher, she was fabulous and I knew she was going to be hard to follow...but this teacher just doesn't seem to have her stuff together, it is her first year... but there have been three incidents already that have bothered me a little the first week, but Thomas hasn't complained so far so as of right now we are sticking with her.
I can't believe how fast this kid is growing and learning so much. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Children's Garden

Couple of weeks ago we went to the Children's garden with some friends. The kids had a lot of fun and it's always good for me to get out and talk to adults ha ha. We are so lucky to have a great friends and to live here in the Dallas area where we have fun places to see.

Elizabeth turns 4 Months!

About two weeks ago this little cutie turned 4 months!
She is one drooling baby and she can roll over one way, but is already scooting her way around a little and can move a full circle. She is very smiley but it takes a lot to make her laugh. She loves her blankets and likes to rub them around her face and I think it's really cute. She hates baths, I've never seen anything like it, the minute I turn on the water she screams, even the other day when I was giving the boys a bath and not her she wouldn't stop crying till I turned off the water. She takes one long nap in the morning but after that she takes 2-3 short naps till bed. She sleeps pretty good but wakes up around 2 to eat and sometimes is up for an hour or she keeps wanting to eat so I'm nursing her rest of the night, which can make nights long. She is already 16 pounds and she might catch up with her brother Peter!ha ha
We love her, the boys dote on her to the point it can get annoying but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Snap Shots in July

We are total nerds here, but we like to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday in our family so we let the kids watch the first movie and they got "sorted" in their houses. It was a little low key this year but the kids still had fun.

And anytime I put Elizabeth in a new outfit I feel like I have to take pictures to document. She just gets cuter and cuter.

Brandy Wine Museum

Falling a little behind on this blog....
Anyway, During our trip to the East Coast we met up with one of our online art teachers at the Brandy Wine Museum to check out some NC Wyeth paintings.
It was fun to finally meet Jonathan Hardesty and to see those amazing paintings.  It was so inspiring and humbling experience.  And the museum itself is very beautiful.