Monday, April 29, 2013

Blue Bonnets

So I guess it's a tradition to take pictures with the Blue Bonnets here in Texas, so of course, we had to!
Saturday we took some pictures with my brother, Michael, and his family.
The kids had a lot of fun playing and running, and we got some great pictures.
And of course I had to get a picture with my big brother.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Oliver @ 3 Months

I'm a little early, but Oliver turns 3 months this Wednesday! My boys are growing too fast, I'm kinda having a hard time with it, I want them to be little forever, but that's not going to happen.

Everyday Oliver is getting more of a personality and is quite different than Thomas already. This last little bit he's being waking up more at nights for feedings I don't know if it's a growth spurt or that we all have been sick this last week and he just hasn't been feeling well. 

He almost rolled over today but hasn't yet on his own but I think he will start figuring it out pretty soon. He still loves belly time, that's why most pictures are of him in his belly because that's when he's most happy unless I'm holding him. Unlike Thomas, he likes me holding him high above my head and he laughs almost every time, while Thomas would get nervous.

He loves his Mickey Mouse rattle, loves to watch Thomas play, and loves to be read to. He still hates to be left out so he always wants to be held or having it so he can see me or Thomas, so the car is still the worst because he can't see us, I'm tempted to put  a mirror there or something because he does like mirrors. 

He has my sensitive skin, poor boy, he has been scratching his face really bad, you can't tell in the pictures, thanks to photoshop, but he has a lot of them. So I've tried covering his hands with socks but he would rub his face with them and he started getting a major rash all over his face and it would be itchy, so I've just tried to keep his nails short but he still cuts himself up quite a bit. 

He so much fun I can't imagine life without my little Oliver.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Our Little Super Hero

When you give a little boy a cape:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Dustin: Did you know he was in a high school band called "Dirkmead?- at least I think that's what it's called probably should double check on that. But he would write all their lyrics but mostly they would sing Weezer songs. They also made a music video of the song "Jamie" that's pretty funny.
Jessica: Did you know I have a hard time hearing sounds? I think that's why I pronounce a lot of words wrong because I can't hear a difference. I started to really notice this when I was taking private French lessons ( I only did this for a little while before I started college trying to learn enough French to skip French 101 because that class didn't count as one of my 12 foreign credits I needed for my major so I was trying to get ahead) and the teacher was trying to teach me how to pronounce a word, and I thought I was saying it right and was getting frustrated than he finally asked "Can't you not hear the difference? I'm making a Z sound while you are making an S sound?" LIGHTBULB! So now I know that I try to listen harder to words, but I still mispronounce words all the time.
Thomas: Did you know that Thomas calls me "momma"? It used to be "the mom" but I think it's funny because Dustin and I don't say momma, we say mommy or mom so I think it's interesting that he does that.
Oliver: Did you know that Oliver has a birth mark on one of his fingers on his left hand? It's already fading a little so it might not stay, but first I didn't know it was a mark I would see it and try to wipe it off thinking it was something else, until I realized a few days later it never came off.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Oliver's Blessing

Yesterday was a great day, we got to bless Oliver and my nephew, Evan. Since my parents have nine kids and we live all over the states they can only fly down to visit so many times a year so we decided to do the blessings the same weekend.  There were a lot of people and good food, and it was good to see my parents again. It was a special day and I'm so grateful that I have this Gospel in our lives.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Flying a Kite

Love moments like this.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Twin

So I keep hearing how much Oliver looks like me so I decided to take some pictures with my twin and tell you his 2 month stats.

So Oliver is a big boy, he was in the 75-95 percentile in all his measurements.
He is 13.2 pounds and 24 inches long.

Dustin likes to call him Bane {the evil villain in the last Batman movie} and Thomas calls him the Hulk, I'm not sure how I feel about those nick names...

Anyway, I'm curious if he will always be a big kid, or he's just going through a major growth spurt, I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


It's been a while since I've done tatter-tale-Tuesday.

Dustin: Did you know that Dustin is a good runner. He did cross-country, track, and soccer in high school. And he can go for months or years and not run, than decides to do a 5K and makes first place, it almost drives me crazy because I'm not like that at all.

Jessica: did you know this time of year I get an itch to travel or go somewhere and I always think about my Europe trip at this time of the year because I went on that trip in the spring 5 years ago and I wish I could go again.

Thomas: did you know Thomas is stubborn and has quite a temper, and I'm trying to get that fixed before the teenage years, o boy. He likes to test my buttons, and when I put him in time out than I ask him to say sorry he won't so I make him stay until he does, and he's been in his room for long time, but recently he's been saying sorry when I ask but it has taken a while, like I said he is stubborn.

Oliver: did you know Oliver actually likes his belly time, sometimes that's how I calm him down, and its  the only position he likes if I'm not holding him. He loves being held that car rides are miserable because he's usually crying if he's not asleep.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Art Class

Dustin and I have been taking an online art class together by a guy that works for Disney, and it's actually not that good, ha ha but it's ok because we only paid 5 bucks each. The guy is more an animator than an illustrator, so he knows his stuff he just doesn't execute it very well. 
Anyway, here are our pieces from the first lesson:

The guy only critiqued some of the students work, there are about 300 students, so he critiqued about 40 and he critiqued Dustin's but not mine. I'm happy he critiqued Dustin's because, obviously, I want Dustin to do well, but I take my art so personally which makes me insecure that I was a little down that mine didn't get critiqued. It reminded me too much of my last year in school, and getting discouraged. This time wasn't too bad because I didn't spend 40+ hours on a project like school, this project I only spend about 5 because I don't have that much time between being a mother and cleaning house. Anyway, here's our pieces, Dustin's is the top one and mine is the Peter Pan one. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm Batman

As I have mentioned before, Thomas is really into super heros, so naturally, his bath towel is the Batman cape, and he loves to "fly" and say "I'm Batman!" I have this really funny video of him dancing saying "Batman, Batman" and running up and down the hall but for some reason I can never get videos on the blog so you will just have to imagine it, or just look at the pictures, don't mind the messy hall, we had some remodeling going on in the house, and his mix-match pjs, I was running low on laundry because that's where the workers were most of the week, so I had to compensate.