Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Dustin: Did you know he was in a high school band called "Dirkmead?- at least I think that's what it's called probably should double check on that. But he would write all their lyrics but mostly they would sing Weezer songs. They also made a music video of the song "Jamie" that's pretty funny.
Jessica: Did you know I have a hard time hearing sounds? I think that's why I pronounce a lot of words wrong because I can't hear a difference. I started to really notice this when I was taking private French lessons ( I only did this for a little while before I started college trying to learn enough French to skip French 101 because that class didn't count as one of my 12 foreign credits I needed for my major so I was trying to get ahead) and the teacher was trying to teach me how to pronounce a word, and I thought I was saying it right and was getting frustrated than he finally asked "Can't you not hear the difference? I'm making a Z sound while you are making an S sound?" LIGHTBULB! So now I know that I try to listen harder to words, but I still mispronounce words all the time.
Thomas: Did you know that Thomas calls me "momma"? It used to be "the mom" but I think it's funny because Dustin and I don't say momma, we say mommy or mom so I think it's interesting that he does that.
Oliver: Did you know that Oliver has a birth mark on one of his fingers on his left hand? It's already fading a little so it might not stay, but first I didn't know it was a mark I would see it and try to wipe it off thinking it was something else, until I realized a few days later it never came off.

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