Tuesday, April 9, 2013


It's been a while since I've done tatter-tale-Tuesday.

Dustin: Did you know that Dustin is a good runner. He did cross-country, track, and soccer in high school. And he can go for months or years and not run, than decides to do a 5K and makes first place, it almost drives me crazy because I'm not like that at all.

Jessica: did you know this time of year I get an itch to travel or go somewhere and I always think about my Europe trip at this time of the year because I went on that trip in the spring 5 years ago and I wish I could go again.

Thomas: did you know Thomas is stubborn and has quite a temper, and I'm trying to get that fixed before the teenage years, o boy. He likes to test my buttons, and when I put him in time out than I ask him to say sorry he won't so I make him stay until he does, and he's been in his room for long time, but recently he's been saying sorry when I ask but it has taken a while, like I said he is stubborn.

Oliver: did you know Oliver actually likes his belly time, sometimes that's how I calm him down, and its  the only position he likes if I'm not holding him. He loves being held that car rides are miserable because he's usually crying if he's not asleep.

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