Sunday, April 7, 2013

Art Class

Dustin and I have been taking an online art class together by a guy that works for Disney, and it's actually not that good, ha ha but it's ok because we only paid 5 bucks each. The guy is more an animator than an illustrator, so he knows his stuff he just doesn't execute it very well. 
Anyway, here are our pieces from the first lesson:

The guy only critiqued some of the students work, there are about 300 students, so he critiqued about 40 and he critiqued Dustin's but not mine. I'm happy he critiqued Dustin's because, obviously, I want Dustin to do well, but I take my art so personally which makes me insecure that I was a little down that mine didn't get critiqued. It reminded me too much of my last year in school, and getting discouraged. This time wasn't too bad because I didn't spend 40+ hours on a project like school, this project I only spend about 5 because I don't have that much time between being a mother and cleaning house. Anyway, here's our pieces, Dustin's is the top one and mine is the Peter Pan one. 

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

One question: Why do you guys have to live so far away...and Lisa too. I want you all back here in PA!!! I hope you and Oliver are doing well! I heard from Doug that you've got a baby blessing this weekend...enjoy!