Friday, February 24, 2012

A Day at the Park

Today we went to the park as a family. One of my goals this last month is to do something each day that is fun for Thomas/family and try creating memories that we will cherish in the future. Life is too short to not have these moments, so we need to live life to the fullest. 
Anyway, here are some pictures, it's been a while since Thomas has been to the park. Now that he walks all over it's even more fun for him. 

Thomas' favorite thing was the swings, at first he wasn't sure about it, but in the end it was his favorite. 

Thomas is not so sure about that slide.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Little Artist

Yesterday while I was working on a Valentine's Day sign for Dustin, Thomas decided to help. Looks like we might have another artist in the family.

Dustin and I celebrated Valentine's a little different this year. Instead of doing everything on Valentine's it just somehow worked out we did stuff other nights. On Friday we went on a double date to see "The Woman in Black", which isn't the most romantic movie I know, but that's the one I wanted to see. I liked it, while Dustin didn't, but unlike other scary movies it affected me a little more, maybe because it involved children and now that I have a child it hit home for me. 
Than Monday we went out for dinner instead of Tuesday because I had be babysitting three other kids that day and was tired so Dustin suggested to do dinner Monday and I was ok with that. 
On Valentine's Dustin and I gave little surprises through out the day, and ended the day by cuddling and watching a chick flick. 
I would call that a successful Valentine's day/weekend.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Little Update... and Rambling Off

For a little update...
Life for the Clark's have been pretty mellow since the holidays, so it has been hard to come up with anything to write about.
We have been in Florida now for 9 months, and our plan was to stay here for a year, well that a year is coming up so Dustin and I have been thinking what's our next step? Here in Orlando we've been having  a lot fun and like the area for the most part, but we don't want to be working for SeaWorld for the  rest of our lives. 
"So what's the game plan?" I always ask Dustin, since I like to plan things out. Well, we know he still wants to be an illustrator, and I want to have more children, and at the moment we can't just rely on illustration jobs. So "the plan", yes I put it in quotes because I have learned in life that I can plan things but if the Lord has another plan I go with it. So the plan is to stay in Orlando till September, after the busy season, than move back to the west, Utah, to be more specific and Dustin will work at the Rock Pit to provide for the family, and continue to work on side illustration jobs and take more online classes, and hopefully I will too get more illustration jobs.
We have been greatly blessed, Dustin and I really want to be artists even if it's going to be rougher (poorer, starving) road, and we have been blessed to be getting illustration jobs here and there. Almost every month since we moved her I have had some random illustration job or somehow made money through my art. I know that if we both work hard at it and keep looking towards our goal we can make it! This has been really hard on me sometimes, trusting Dustin in his career and believing that we won't always be this poor. I mean when you tell people that you and your husband are artists a lot of times you get responses like, "So you paint mountains or flowers or something?" or "How can you make money doing that?" -I will admit sometimes I ask that too.... or "What do you do with art?" The last one is my favorite question to answer because I like to "lighten" them, a lot of people think art as oil on canvas hanging in a museum, which is true... but they (not all people, but a few) don't realize art is all over, I mean everywhere, to just name a few...

Advertisement: Someone had to take the picture, someone had to design the poster/magazine/flyer. Someone had to design the logo for the company. Someone had to design the packaging for a product, ex. toys, any apple product.
Movies: I'm not only talking about animated movies, but every movie out there. Someone had to design and come up with the characters/creatures in the movie. They have artists illustrate the story board before they film so they know what each scene is going to look like. In early stages of making movies they have concept artists to draw, paint ideas to come up with for the look they want for the film. 
Publishing: Children's books, book covers, magazines, text books, political cartoons...
Design: Web designing, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, greeting cards, fabric that you purchased for your craft. 
Well, I don't know why I went on that tangent, I guess to say that you can be an artist and make money, it's just a long, hard process because you need to build your clientele and have an amazing portfolio. 

ANYWAY... back to updating... Thomas is still not walking, he can, he just won't. Dustin and I have been having him walk back and forth between us and he can walk across the room to us, but only if he wants to. I try to encourage the walking by having him hold one hand and walk with me everywhere instead of carrying him, and he does that fine and for now he's just content with that. O well...
His vocabulary is coming along, he can say mom, dad (pa), grandpa, ball, bath (ba), bottle (baba), and probably more than that I just don't recognize it yet. 
Anyway, sorry for the long post... I will make it up with cute pictures of Thomas:

The second picture he looks a little crazy.