Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Little Artist

Yesterday while I was working on a Valentine's Day sign for Dustin, Thomas decided to help. Looks like we might have another artist in the family.

Dustin and I celebrated Valentine's a little different this year. Instead of doing everything on Valentine's it just somehow worked out we did stuff other nights. On Friday we went on a double date to see "The Woman in Black", which isn't the most romantic movie I know, but that's the one I wanted to see. I liked it, while Dustin didn't, but unlike other scary movies it affected me a little more, maybe because it involved children and now that I have a child it hit home for me. 
Than Monday we went out for dinner instead of Tuesday because I had be babysitting three other kids that day and was tired so Dustin suggested to do dinner Monday and I was ok with that. 
On Valentine's Dustin and I gave little surprises through out the day, and ended the day by cuddling and watching a chick flick. 
I would call that a successful Valentine's day/weekend.


Anna Hardy said...

Hi Jessica, I wrote a children's book and I'm looking for an illustrator. Are you the Jessica listed on Dragon pencil? Either way is there a way I can contact you regarding my book? I really like your work and I think it would fit very well with my story. If you'd like you can email me at or I'll just check back to your blog for a response. Thanks!

Jessica Clark said...

Hey Anna, I will be sending you an email sometime today.