Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Peter @ 3 Months

Last week Peter turned 3 months!
It is going be so fast, and life is so busy, I just wished things could slow down a bit.
Peter is the perfect baby, he rarely cries, only to let me know he's hungry or tired.
He is very good about having the other boys jumping and climbing all over him.
He loves to cuddle and to be talked to. He loves it, loves it.
But he is so good at letting me put him down when I take care of the other boys, mostly Oliver, Oliver still needs his cuddle time.
He still wakes up at night, sometimes he will do a 4-5 hour gap, but a lot of times I'm too tired at night to even remember when he wakes up, I just know every morning he ends up in our bed.
He loves when I lay down with him and Oliver for nap time, I honestly think that's his favorite part of the day, he just cuddles right up to me and is out in thirty seconds.
He is has the biggest grin that is to die for, it's just hard to get a picture of it because he gets distracted by the camera.
He loves to stand.
He loves the song Frère Jacques,it's the only French song I know.

He is such a sweetheart and fresh from Heaven!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dallas Zoo

Last week we went to the Dallas Zoo with play group and my SIL, Emily, came along with us. The boys had a lot of fun. And we got to see many awesome animals. We always love going to the zoo.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

When the Willis Family Came to Visit

Dustin's sister, Tiffany, and her family came to Texas for their spring break a couple a weeks ago and we had a blast! We always love having family come to visit. We did many fun things the week they were here.
The Monday after Easter we went to the Aboretum, again, we love going to the aboretum if you haven't noticed yet. The flowers were gorgeous and this time I actually got a few more pictures since I had grandmas helping with the three kids. My kids weren't too interested in taking pictures but I got a few.
Then Tuesday I picked up Dustin from work and we headed to Ennis to get pictures with the blue bonnets and to go to the drive-in movie. But on our way there we got stuck in major traffic and someone rear-ended us, and yes, she was on her phone. I wasn't very happy but luckily it was a little bump.  So we had to stop and that took a while, that we ended up skipping the blue bonnets and headed straight to the drive-in. The boys loved running around since we were the first ones there, then Tiffany and her kids with Dustin's mom met up with us there. The boys had a great time. The movies were Home and Cinderella. And Thomas stayed up for both of them! It was a fun late night.
Thursday we took all the kids to the Perot museum. That museum is awesome, the kids had a great time.
It was so fun hanging out with them, we can't wait till we see them this summer!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


I'm slowly catching up on this blog here.
And since I'm behind I'm just doing one big Easter post, so be prepared.

The Monday before Easter we were invited to a little Easter party with some friends. We had snacks, we dyed some eggs, and decorated cookies. The boys had a blast! My kids like anything artsy, so they really enjoyed dyeing the eggs that they not only dyed their own eggs but some of the other kids' that lost interest and they still wanted to do more! Also they both did very well, no cracked eggs or spilled the dye.
Since the boys had so much fun, we did it again with daddy.
And we did some drawing of course. Thomas' bunny and egg.

Then Saturday before conference we went to an Easter egg hunt with cousins. It was pretty cold that morning but the kids still had fun. And both Thomas and Oliver scored with the eggs, there were so many eggs every kids there had huge baskets full. For a while Oliver would only get the blue and green eggs, what a funny kid.

Easter morning all the kids woke up with their baskets. The little action figures were a hit.
Between sessions we had a yummy dinner. Tiffany, Dustin's sister, did an amazing job decorating the kids' table and the adults'.
Then on Monday we did our hunt since the grass was wet on Easter. Thomas again scored with the eggs, but this time Oliver was more interested in eating the candy and only found a few eggs.
And little Peter just hung out with Ashley and watched. Next year little man.