Sunday, April 12, 2015


I'm slowly catching up on this blog here.
And since I'm behind I'm just doing one big Easter post, so be prepared.

The Monday before Easter we were invited to a little Easter party with some friends. We had snacks, we dyed some eggs, and decorated cookies. The boys had a blast! My kids like anything artsy, so they really enjoyed dyeing the eggs that they not only dyed their own eggs but some of the other kids' that lost interest and they still wanted to do more! Also they both did very well, no cracked eggs or spilled the dye.
Since the boys had so much fun, we did it again with daddy.
And we did some drawing of course. Thomas' bunny and egg.

Then Saturday before conference we went to an Easter egg hunt with cousins. It was pretty cold that morning but the kids still had fun. And both Thomas and Oliver scored with the eggs, there were so many eggs every kids there had huge baskets full. For a while Oliver would only get the blue and green eggs, what a funny kid.

Easter morning all the kids woke up with their baskets. The little action figures were a hit.
Between sessions we had a yummy dinner. Tiffany, Dustin's sister, did an amazing job decorating the kids' table and the adults'.
Then on Monday we did our hunt since the grass was wet on Easter. Thomas again scored with the eggs, but this time Oliver was more interested in eating the candy and only found a few eggs.
And little Peter just hung out with Ashley and watched. Next year little man.

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