Tuesday, April 21, 2015

When the Willis Family Came to Visit

Dustin's sister, Tiffany, and her family came to Texas for their spring break a couple a weeks ago and we had a blast! We always love having family come to visit. We did many fun things the week they were here.
The Monday after Easter we went to the Aboretum, again, we love going to the aboretum if you haven't noticed yet. The flowers were gorgeous and this time I actually got a few more pictures since I had grandmas helping with the three kids. My kids weren't too interested in taking pictures but I got a few.
Then Tuesday I picked up Dustin from work and we headed to Ennis to get pictures with the blue bonnets and to go to the drive-in movie. But on our way there we got stuck in major traffic and someone rear-ended us, and yes, she was on her phone. I wasn't very happy but luckily it was a little bump.  So we had to stop and that took a while, that we ended up skipping the blue bonnets and headed straight to the drive-in. The boys loved running around since we were the first ones there, then Tiffany and her kids with Dustin's mom met up with us there. The boys had a great time. The movies were Home and Cinderella. And Thomas stayed up for both of them! It was a fun late night.
Thursday we took all the kids to the Perot museum. That museum is awesome, the kids had a great time.
It was so fun hanging out with them, we can't wait till we see them this summer!

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