Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oliver @ 6 Months

Well those 6 months went by fast!

Oliver is such a delight, and makes all of us laugh a lot. He such a happy baby and gives you the warmest smiles. He's Mr. Social and loves the attention. He's a big momma's boy but loves his time with dad too. He loves Thomas and loves to wrestle with him. He's my cuddly baby and I love it. He also loves giving slobbery kisses. He's also adventurous and doesn't get scared too easy.

He is so close to crawling, but he can get to anything he wants by squirming or rolling over, whatever it is, he is determined to get it. He loves swimming, taking baths, and going to SeaWorld.

We started baby food this week and he's still not sure about it, but so far he likes the banana baby food the best. Also his two bottom teeth are coming in.

We love you Oliver! Thanks for always bringing a smile on my face.

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Sara and Brad Forbush said...

Such a cutie! I can't believe how fast time flies! Wish we could be neighbors and he and Carter could be pals :)