Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Been a Good Week!

These are just some pictures of my new hair color!

First thing I just want to say is that I have been truly blessed! This weekend I had so many people come and comforted me! Seriously, I didn't realize how lucky I was! So thanks to all my friends and family, you're truly blessings in my life.
This last weekend I colored my hair in dark brown with a red velvet tint to it! It's super fun, I like it, my mother on the other hand said: "You have a purple hair! Why would you ever want to do that!" I love her still!
Than this last week Dustin and I had a good chat, and we are back together! And wow! Did I miss that kid over the weekend!! We both agreed that was the longest weekend and life was just not the same!!!! It's amazing what communication can do! So that happened this Tuesday, so the week started of really good.
Than today I found something out that I have been dreaming about since I was a senior in high school and it was my goal ever since I heard about it! I made it the BFA Art Program!!!!!!! I'm so excited!! I have been working really hard to get in this program and I was way nervous to turn my portfolio in because I barely made the cut off line credit wise and I knew that I was competing with some really good juniors and seniors! But Brother Huntsman (my favorite art teacher in the whole wide world) gave me the thumbs up, and said "shhh" because technically I'm not so post to know until a week or so! It's pays to be the art secretary!
So life can get any better than this!

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West Family said...

Congrats! I am happy for you! I do like your hair in the pictures. :) I am glad things worked out for you and Dustin.