Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TaTter-TeLL TuESdAy!

My dear friend, Nancy, {you can find her cute Blog HERE} started this thing called Fun Fact Friday on her blog where every Friday she tells facts about each member every Friday, and there are so fun to read, and I loved the idea but wanted to do my own twist with it, so I will be doing my Tatter-Tell Tuesday every Tuesday and tell some little things about my family. So here we go...

DUsTIn: Did you know when Dustin was in high school he had that longer shaggy hair look that had flippy-like curls? But the funny part is, his hair naturally didn't do that like other boys so he would curl his hair with a curling iron and style it and hair spray it.  Also during his cross-country races he would blow dry is hair back and hair spray it stiff so when he was running it would look like he was running so fast that his hair was flowing back. 

JeSSiCa: I have a thing about lamp posts, ever since my Europe trip I have noticed how cool lamp posts are, so if I can I will take pictures of them, I haven't been very good about it recently, but every where I go I notice them. I think they are very unique and usually have a good design. One day I want to do a photography series of lamp posts, I know it's probably weird.

ThOmAs: Did you know that when Thomas sleeps he crooks his neck all funky, it looks like it hurts but that's when I know he's in a deep sleep.

These are not even half of my pictures I have on lamp posts.

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Celia said...

I love your posts!. It's always fun to read them and feel identified with some of the stuff you share.
Your little boy is so cute!