Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crazy Week and Weekend

Dustin and I are done!!!!! We are finally BYU-I graduates! This month has been crazy because both Dustin and I had to get our senior projects done and hung while joggling (sp) with Thomas. This week was even more crazy trying to get finals done and last minute assignments and papers while preparing for graduation. What was even more crazy was this weekend. We had Dustin's sister Emily get married on Friday in Draper, utah than that night we had graduation, than Saturday morning we had the big graduation in the new auditorium (which was massive by the way) and blessed Thomas that afternoon. It was fun and crazy at the same time but now we can sit back and relax at least for a while.
A little about Thomas, first thing he is a joy in our lives and I love him so much! And he's soooo cute! He's learning how to smile, well is more opening his mouth with a little bit of a smile but he knows he gets a reaction to it!

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Anonymous said...

Jessica he is growing so fast! He is absolutely adorable! Congratulations on graduating my dear! I am so jealous!! Miss you much! We need to get together soon! love you!