Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Final Art Homework

A couple weeks ago I finished with my gesture drawing class, and already miss it. It was such a great class! It also got me drawing a lot more, so I hope I keep it up.
Anyway, our last assignment was to come up with a character and look at the model for three minutes and come up with little "stories" using our character/story, and we did 2 sessions of this so that's why I have two stories going on. We could make up a character but I decided to do Peter Pan and Hermione from Harry Potter, because I love both of those stories and they were the ones that popped in my head when I started drawing the model. Again, these aren't finished, perfect drawings, they are exercises but it was a lot of fun. O, also we were allowed to change the pose  a little bit to tell a better story, so our main goal was for the audience to know what's going on first glance, so here was my final assignment:

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