Friday, September 27, 2013

Oliver @ 8 Months!

This past Tuesday Oliver turned 8 months!
Eight months was a big month for Oliver, he has a learned a lot and is growing way too fast!
This past month he started feeding himself, well, he can pick up pieces of banana and bread, which has been nice because I can feed him and have more time to do something else or I eat myself.
He can wave hi, I don't think he knows what it means but if you do it to him he will copy you.
He can say mom, so mom was his first word, but it's more like this: "mommmmooommm moooommmm" That first I thought maybe it was baby talk, but Dustin thinks he's saying mom as well, and when he's looking for me when I'm in the other room he keeps saying it until he finds me.
He loves to sing, he will sing with Thomas in the car, he will sing when we are singing at home, he really likes it. 
He loves to wrestle with Thomas, and already tries to attack Thomas if he get's mad at him, o boy! He gets into everything, and he will do whatever he wants to, and he is REALLY smart, I think I will have to watch him closely during the teenage years, I think he will be a good kid, but I think that sometimes he will try to out-smart me and get away with stuff. He's very adventurous and likes to be thrown around, he loves swings, and anything that's fun. Also this past month he has lost interest in the pacifier which has been nice because we don't need it to soothe him.

Him and Thomas get a long so well, they both love to climb under the kitchen table and goof around and chase each other, it is so fun to watch.

He is so much fun, he makes everyone happy and gives everyone plenty of love.

We love our little Oliver!

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