Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My little Trick-or-Treaters

So these pictures were kinda a pain, and I may-or-may not got angry at my kids during the photo shoot, and now I feel really bad... I have really good kids who will listen to their mom and let her take pictures of them ALL THE TIME!
So I saw something like this on good-old-pinterest where you could purchase the digital format for this backdrop for $5, and you could print it out, which was a good deal, but I decided to make it myself and save $5, so I drew the spider webs on paper, scan it, opened photoshop and made it look like it was on a chalkboard and order a large print from Staples because they were the cheapest so far and everyone one pinterest said go to them. Well, to make a long story short, they ran out of the paper so I had to wait longer and I ended up picking it up right before I had to pick Dustin and I was trying to beat rush hour that when they showed me the print and I saw that it was messed up with lines across it, I wanted to tell them that it was unacceptable and how was I going to use that? Well, I always feel guilty if I complain, maybe because I have worked retail so long and have been complained to so much, and I was really tired and didn't feel like waiting any longer with my kids that I took the print the way it was, I knew they knew it was bad because they asked, "Does that look ok to you?"
Anyway, than today I was trying to get it set up when Oliver was trying get to the backdrop and ripping it, than messing with my fake wood floor, I was getting pretty angry, and bribing poor Thomas to sit for pictures, and he fought it but I think he saw how tired and angry I was and said "Ok mommy." and was really good, but than Oliver was trying to wrestle with him and take his mask off so Thomas started getting mad, that I finally just threw candy and them and said they could have whatever they wanted and turned on a movie, and I finally got some pictures even with the messed up background.

So the moral of the story, don't set high expectations for a perfect picture, and you should be great!

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West Family said...

Cute! The lines make it seem more like a real chalk board, you can't always erase everything perfectly. :)