Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tatter-TeLL TuESdAy!

Dustin: Did you know Dustin is allergic to cats? Yep, they make it so he can't breathe and itch. I like this about him because it guarantees that we will never own a cat, I'm not an animal person in the first place, but I really don't like cats!
Jessica: I hate making decisions, it is the worst, even the small things I would rather have someone decide. It's sometimes a problem for me, because I end up not getting things done sometimes, or I make a mess of something because I keep second guessing myself, or keep changing my mind, something like this happened today and when I told Dustin about it he just laughed because it something I do often, and I always make a big deal about it.
Thomas: Did you know that Thomas almost broke our lamp this last week, I left the room one second, and CRASH! I was scared it fell on him but luckily it didn't he didn't even notice, he just kept playing.

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