Monday, November 23, 2015

Harry Potter Party

Last weekend we had a Harry Potter party.
I've been wanting to do a party FOREVER! Like I have had chocolate frog molds, Harry Potter items, a secret pinterest board for a long time. Why I haven't done it before? Because, one, we have never had the space and, two, I've been wanting to do it on Harry's birthday, July 31st, but every year something is going on that day. And plus, I knew it was very nerdy and I didn't know who would want to come.
But my brother just had a themed Harry Potter birthday with all of my family in Utah and I was so sad to miss it (it looked so fun Brianna)! And Dustin and I talking about throwing a little get together to get to know some of our new ward members that Dustin just told me to do it, so we did! And my in-laws were so nice to help and let us do it at their house. 

So we made official Harry Potter invites with a balloon owl and invited our guests.
Then we ordered some cool Harry Potter items, one including the sorting hat, I loved this thing, I was very excited to get it.
Then I made the boys' costumes, I thought they looked adorable. Both kids wanted to be Harry, since Dustin and I were the bad guys we were hoping the kids would want to be evil characters as well, but they were determined, well, Oliver wanted to be Batman for a while, I had to convince him that Batman didn't belong in Harry Potter.
We didn't get a chance to take every ones pictures, but we had some pretty awesome costumes!
So after everyone came, we sorted families in houses, Dustin did a great job doing that. Then we played quidditch, had a trivia game- and one of the kids knew almost every answer, and I came up with some HARD questions. Then we had soup, rolls, poly juice potion, butter beer, and butter beer ice cream. 

Yes, it was very nerdy, but very fun. 
To give you an idea what the party was like and you want a good laugh see this video. Ok, it wasn't that nerdy.

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Brianna said...

it looks so great! I love the sorting hat and the floating candle ceiling. You guys had some great costumes! (Who were you?)