Saturday, November 7, 2015

Thomas turns FIVE!

Our Thomas turned five today!
It's crazy how fast it's going. Thomas was so excited about his birthday that he was counting down the days and telling everyone that his birthday is coming up.
Usually for birthdays Dustin does a caricature for the boys but this year he did an animated movie for Thomas since Thomas has been interested in making movies. And I try to set it up the kitchen fun for them to wake up to, and we usually let them open presents first thing in the morning, because honestly, I can't wait; but this year Thomas wanted to wait till his cousins came, but around 10 o'clock he asked if he could open one, and he picked the smallest one (I think he was saving the big ones last). Then later that day we had friends and family come over and we had pizza and cake. 
We are so lucky to have Thomas in our lives.

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