Sunday, November 1, 2015

Snap Shots

Thomas is drawing and painting every minute he can get. And has been "illustrating" books and drawing ideas for movies. He tells me he wants to be an animator and make movies then come home to his wife and kids. The other day I showed him how they animate movies (through series of drawings) and how they do clay-mation and his little eyes lit up, that he's already trying to make his characters move with series of drawings. He's also picked up on color theory, the other day he was telling me what colors you mix to get other colors, and was playing with the paints, art is just oozing out of this kid.

Oliver loves drawing too, painting is his favorite. Before he would draw because that was what Thomas did, but now he likes doing it too and asks to do it almost everyday. He also really likes Pre school, but I think it's because he gets a treat in the end. He also loves to help me, he always asks to help, so he helps me clean the bathrooms and he helps me cook almost everyday. He also has to have his cuddle time each day and is always hungry and is still my early riser.

Peter is just adorable and is a very chill baby. But is horrible getting to bed at night, we have one good week, then three bad weeks. He loves to dance and be with people, and he is at that stage where he loves putting everything in his mouth.

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