Saturday, October 24, 2015

Peter @ 9 months

Our little guy is nine months!

So a little about our Peter:

He has started dancing and it's the cutest thing. 

I think he has said mom but it was only once so maybe it was baby gibberish.

He's been more interested in what we are eating than baby food and is a lot better at picking up his food and putting it in his mouth. 

He's getting better at sleeping, he still wakes up a lot for feedings but they are longer stretches. But at least now I can put him down at night vs holding him all night long.

He's in the bedroom with the boys and for the most part he likes it.

He loves being chased, and he loves wrestling everyone.

He's a happy baby and is pretty content for most of the time.

He also has been taking better longer naps, there was just a month or two where I swear he would never sleep.

He also loves playing with my hair like Oliver does.

He's a cuddler.

He's a mover, he rarely holds still if he's not cuddling. 

And we just love him to bits.

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