Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So today I bought our first couch for our first apartment! I was super excited! It was the first time that I have bought furniture in my life and it was red!!! Which I was very excited about because everything I own is black, so our apartment will have a black and red theme to it! Also I was really excited that this couch was only thirty dollars! Also this couch is SUPER comfortable I already love it!!!! I also showed pictures to Dustin and he liked it too! I love it, since he is artistic like me he doesn't mind having crazy colors in apartment! Buying this couch also made me excited because it made it seem more real that I was getting married! I can't wait to put this in our apartment!


Anonymous said...

Jess you are so flipping cute!! I love that couch too!! It suits you perfectly!! You should do some bridals on that couch!! Considering your colors are red, black, and white!! Am I a geius or what??

Clarissa said...

Super cute couch Jess!! Only 30 bucks. Your right you def. scored! I am so excited for you to get married. having your own apartment is so much fun!

Celia said...

Very nice couch, color and price!!!!
Well done Jessica. You should take some pictures in that couch.
Aubrey you are a genius!!!

Winston said...

Are you calling me crazy? Our colors for our living room are black and red too! Enjoy decorating-it's fun!